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Account Clerk I/II
City of Daly City, San Francisco/Peninsula


For more info contact:
(650) 991-8028
Close Date: Dec 18, 2012
Salary: $4,166.00 - $5,065.00 Monthly

Applications will be accepted until December 18, 2012 OR Upon receipt of the first 200 applications- whichever occurs first.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Veteran's Preference Available. You may claim Veteran's Preferance by submitting evidence of Honorable Discharge (DD214 or the equivalent) prior to the oral examination date.

Written Exam: January 15, 2013

Oral Exam: February 6 or February 7, 2013


Account Clerk I: Under supervision, perform clerical work of difficulty in connection with preparing, maintaining or checking financial or statistical records; receive and receipt money; operate office accounting machines; do related work as required.


Account Clerk II: Under general supervision, perform difficult and complex bookkeeping and financial clerical work requiring the application of sound financial record keeping practices; supervise the work of clerical assistants; do related work as required. Positions in this class require frequent use of a high degree of independent judgment and interpretative ability. Duties do not always follow standard routines; the employee recommends changes in methods and procedures when necessary. The class is required to have operating knowledge of financial systems and greater overall experience.


Positions in the Account Clerk II positions are flexibly staffed and normally filled from advancement from the Account Clerk I class, or when filled from the outside, require specific accounting experience. Appointment to this class requires the employee to be performing substantially the full range of account clerk duties and to meet the qualifications for the class. The class requires the ability to work independently exercising judgment and initiative and a greater knowledge of the City’s financial system. 




Either manually or through the use of computers, as appropriate, does responsible clerical accounting work in the maintenance of financial records, recording and checking financial transactions, and preparing financial or statistical statements or reports; waits on counter; receives and receipts money; prepares records to open, change, maintains or closes utility accounts; performs routine arithmetical computations; issues business licenses and files various documents; reconciles invoices, requisitions and purchase orders; prepares payment authorizations; assists in preparing payroll, prepares purchase orders, meter books, cash receipts, journals vouchers and other routine data input for computer processing; operates adding machines; does routine typing of documents and precise computer data entry of financial data.





Knowledge of: Account Clerk I level: Methods, principles, and terminology used in financial clerical work; and modern office practices. Account Clerk II level: Methods, principles, practices and terminology used in complex financial accounting work; municipal bookkeeping principles; modern office methods and procedures.


Ability to: Perform clerical work of average difficulty; prepare basic financial reports, maintain journals, ledgers and complex files; operate adding and calculating machines;

perform arithmetic computations rapidly and accurately; interact positively and cooperate with co-workers, respond politely to customers, work as a team member, function under demanding time pressure, respond in a positive manner to supervision, and attend work and perform duties on a regular and consistent basis.


Additionally, at the Account Clerk II level.; operate a personal computer, utilizing spreadsheet and word processing software; perform accounting tasks and operate office machines used in accounting or statistical record-keeping work; prepare and analyze financial statements, invoices and reports; make arithmetical calculations readily and accurately; train and supervise the work of a group of clerical assistants; work cooperatively with others; understand and carry out general instructions and work independently.




Account Clerk I: One year of clerical experience involving financial record keeping and general office work; six (6) months of experience using computer spreadsheets is desirable.


Account Clerk II: Three years of experience in financial and general record keeping, including six (6) months of personal computer spreadsheet experience. Two years of college (60 semester units or 90 quarter units) can be substituted for one year of required work experience. Three (3) semester units or five (5) quarter units of college level computer course work can be substituted for the spreadsheet experience.



Account Clerk I: Graduation from high school or equivalent.


Account Clerk II: Graduation from high school or equivalent and six (6) semester units or nine (9) quarter units of college level financial accounting course work. One year of additional experience may be substituted for the required college units.




Ideal Candidate:


Account Clerk I: One year of clerical experience involving financial record keeping and general office work; six (6) months of experience using computer spreadsheets is desirable.
Account Clerk I: Graduation from high school or equivalent.

 A.     Section 125 Options - Available to all eligible full-time regular employees.
B.     Wage Supplements
Effective January 1, 2008, the City’s monthly Contribution shall be:
No Coverage                         $225.00
Employee Only                      $812.89
Employee +1                         $1116.40
Employee + Family               $1327.83
Teamsters                                        $1327.83  
From the Wage Supplement Dollars, employees must purchase the following qualified benefits:
·        City-sponsored dental/orthodontic insurance (eff. 1/01/12 $100.68). 
Maximum Annual Dental Benefit:  non PPO $1,500 (PPO $1,600)
                   Maximum Lifetime Orthodontia Benefit: $2,500
·         Teamsters sponsored dental plan
·        City-sponsored life insurance ($50,000 effective 6/9/2008)
                      Monthly premium at the current coverage rate of $0.25 per $1K effective 1/01/2011 ($12.50)
     City agrees to provide the Teamsters Union, Local 856 Health and Welfare Packages, as an option available only to Union members, as an alternative to the City of Daly City’s health and welfare benefits.
C.     Long Term Disability Insurance
                        Premium:                   $35.00/mo
                        City Pays:                   $26.50/mo per employee
                        Employee Pays:        $ 8.50/mo ($4.25 biweekly for 24 pay periods)
D.          Vision Reimbursement Program
Effective January 1, 2008, employees and their dependents are eligible for a maximum of $150.00 per year per family for frames or lenses. The reimbursement may be requested every 12 months.
E.     State Disability Insurance – Enrolled in State of CA Plan; Fully paid by the     employee through payroll deduction. For 2012, the cost is 1.0% of base salary. Each eligible employee contributes up to a maximum annual amount of $955.58. The maximum annual gross salary subject to SDI deductions is $95,585.
 Full benefits as provided by the California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA)
SICK LEAVE - Affected employees may accrue sick leave at the rate of 12 working days per year. Pay out (one-half of employee's total accrued sick leave hours) applies ONLY at retirement, death, or abolishment of position.
HOLIDAYS - 11 paid holidays per year (82.5 hours or 88 hours respectively)
VACATION - 13 days after one year of employment; 18 days after five years of employment; 23 days after 13 years of employment; and 28 days after 21 years of employment.
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