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Human Resources Specialist (20101485)

Human Resources Department
Human Resources
San Francisco/Peninsula
Until filled or until 500 applicants
$6,136.00-$7,457.00 Monthly

Please review the special instructions before applying for this job opportunity.


295 89th St, Suite 105, Daly City, 94015


Applications accepted until minimum number meeting our qualifications have been received.

Interviews: TBA



Under general direction, performs complex and responsible technical and clerical work for the Director of Human Resources in the administration of the City's Human Resources program. Completes related work as required.



An incumbent in this position is a Human Resources generalist performing a wide range of personnel assignments in administering and processing health and welfare benefits; managing the administrative duties associated with the Personnel Board and overseeing the preparation and management of all employee requisition and action forms; managing the office and providing administrative support to the Director of Human Resources, Senior Management Analyst and the Human Resources Analysts. 



Maintains frequent, sensitive and critical contacts with public and private agencies, other departments, professionals and officials; transmits information, decisions and directives. Answers inquiries by phone or mail; investigates and resolves complaints or provides information, explains departmental or City procedures; exercises judgment in giving information and proper disposition of problems; composes correspondence and prepares reports. Maintains employees' personnel records and departmental records; provides information to employees regarding benefits. Screens telephone calls and visitors; receives, screens and routes incoming mail for appropriate action and follows up on its disposition; arranges for meetings and conferences and assists in providing material on information to be discussed. Interprets and apply rules and regulations of the classified service. Keeps abreast of pertinent information and changes in City procedures and regulations.


Prepares and signs inter-office memoranda and requisition forms; elicits employee evaluation forms for all departments by preparing and transmitting initial forms. Manages performance appraisal forms for distribution in accordance with established procedures. Serves as Secretary for the Personnel Board, other related meetings, and disciplinary and appeal hearings by collecting, preparing, and sending agendas, taking and transcribing minutes, and typing and distributing minutes and other material. Manages distribution of performance appraisals schedule and retiree health reimbursement checks. Administers Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Pull Program, tracks employee driving records and issues quarterly department list of commercial drivers’ medical expirations.  May assist in responding to internal and external surveys. May assist department personnel with data entry on applicant tracking program, proctoring Civil Service examinations, and in administering certification of active Civil Service Employment Lists using computerized applicant tracking program.


Provides support to the Senior Management Analyst and Human Resources Analysts. Administers the documentation requirements of the 1986 Immigration and Control Act. Prepares and processes required Human Resources’ forms, such as new employee forms and employee Action Forms. Assists with preparation and publication of the employee newsletter. Maintains and orders office supplies.



Knowledge of: Appropriate English grammar and spelling; current office equipment and methods including operation of computer programs, including advanced, competent use of Microsoft Word; record keeping and organizational practices; basic arithmetic; and certain federal, state and municipal personnel regulations.


Ability to: Communicates effectively both orally and in writing; speaks to and direct large groups; Interacts positively and cooperate with co-workers, responds politely to customers, works as a team member, functions under demanding time pressure, responds in a positive manner to supervision, attends work and perform duties on a regular and consistent basis. Understands and applies instructions, rules, regulations and policies including the City’s Rules and Regulations of the Classified Service; analyzes, processes and schedules detailed work accurately; learns, understands, and communicates employee benefit parameters and regulations, learns and uses all Microsoft Office Suite applications, Human Resources Information System (HRIS), applicant tracking system and other City software programs. Transcribes proceedings at meetings of commissions, boards or special committees; exercises good judgment in matters of a confidential nature; works independently in absence of supervision.


Experience: Two years of experience in responsible administrative and human resources technical work that involved regular contact with the public. 


Education: Graduation from high school or equivalent and an AA degree.


Licenses or Certificates: Possession of a valid Class C California Driver's License.

Ideal Candidate

Experience: Two years of experience in responsible administrative and human resources technical work that involved regular contact with the public. 


Education: Graduation from high school or equivalent and an AA degree.


License or Certificates: Possession of a valid Class C California Driver's License.




A.    Section 125 Options - Available to all eligible full-time employees.

B.           Cafeteria Plan Options with Lump Sum – Effective December 2019, the City shall contribute to the monthly Cafeteria Allowance allocated specifically for the mandated purchase of insurance coverage as follows:

  • No coverage:  $500.00 (for employees hired after January 1, 2020)
  • No coverage:  $1180.00 (for employees hired before January 31, 2020)
  • Employee Only:  100% of the CalPERS Kaiser Bay Area medical premium (for employees hired before January 1, 2020, the employee only cafeteria allowance shall remain frozen at $1330.00 per month until it equals the employee only Kaiser rate.)
  • Employee +1: 95% of the CalPERS Kaiser Bay Area medical premium.
  • Employee +2: 95% of the CalPERS Kaiser Bay Area medical premium.


         Dental/Orthodontia (Eff. 01/01/20) Employee pays full premium: $117.30/mo.

       Maximum Annual Dental Benefit:                  $1,500 Non-PPO/$1600 PPO

       Maximum Lifetime Orthodontia Benefit:       $2,000

         City-sponsored Short/Long Term Disability– The employee pays the full premium of $35.00/mo.

         City-sponsored Group Term Life – Employee pays full premium ($0.235 per $1K)

     (Coverage varies from $25K-$40K) – Majority at $25K


     Amount      Position                                                                                                 
$25,000           All Miscellaneous/Unrepresented employees except those reflected under  

                           $40,000 coverage.
$40,000            Assistant to the Director of Public Works, Senior Management Analyst, Management Analyst, Risk Manager, Chief of Operations, Collection & Distribution Systems Supervisor, and Plant & Equipment Maintenance Supervisor.


Medical: PERS basic health plans offered and employees may purchase coverage with remaining monies after mandated purchases. If total monthly health premium exceeds amount of any remaining monies, employee pays difference via payroll deduction. Unused monies from applicable monthly amount are applied to wages.

Additional Term Life Insurance - Available in $10,000 increments between $1K and $750K not to exceed 5 times Annual Earnings for member. Also available for spouse and children. Rates vary depending on age of the employee.

Voluntary Vision – Superior Vision offers coverage for exams and frames & lenses or contact lenses. Monthly premium varies from $8.14 for an Employee Only plan to $28.40 for an Employee + Family plan.   

C.      Vision Reimbursement Program – Effective 1/1/2020 and each calendar year thereafter, employees and their dependents are eligible for a maximum reimbursement of $200.00 per year for frames or lenses.

RETIREMENT - PERS 3% At Age 60 for classic members and 2%@62 for new members per the Public Employee Pension Reform Act of 2013


3% @ Age 60 for Classic Members Effective 01/01/2013; Third Level of 1959 Survivor Benefit, One Year Final compensation, annual cost of living allowance (3%); Pre-Retirement Optional Settlement 2 Death Benefit.

 2% @ Age 62 for New Members Effective 01/01/2013; Three Year Final Compensation

       Employer contribution:           44.159% (includes 7.596% bond) effective 07/01/20

       Employee contribution:          8.00% for Classic Members or 6.50% for New Members

Employee shall pay an additional 0.75% towards the employer share of the PERS contribution.   

The City pays 0% of employee contribution. In lieu, the City provides 414h, a one-time, irrevocable option for employee to elect to have his or her mandated PERS member contribution picked up by the City. Electing this option authorizes the City to designate the mandatory contribution on a tax-deferred basis.

Effective 7/1/2008, a retiring employee shall place 100% of eligible Sick Leave Cash Out into the City sponsored Retiree Health Savings Account. Sick leave cash out is eliminated for all employees hired after July 1, 2020.

The retiree health benefit for all employees hired on or after ratification of this Agreement shall be limited to the PEMHCA minimum.

SICK LEAVE - Full-time employees accrue sick leave at the rate of 12 working days/year. Pay out is 1/2 of employee’s total accrued sick leave hours (up to 1600 hours) and applies ONLY at retirement, death, or abolishment of position. (for employees hired before July 1, 2020)

HOLIDAYS - 11 paid holidays per year

FLOATING HOLIDAYS – Collection System Field Supervisors accrue 11 paid holidays per year (@7 hours per holiday) and receive 40 hours of floating holiday per year.

 VACATION - Employees accrue vacation days after completion of service years reflected below.                     

          Completed                     # Days

          Years of Service            Received

          After 1                                   13

          After 5                                   18

          After 13                                 23

          After 21                                 28



  Classifications in Department of Water & Wastewater Resources listed below will receive educational incentive pay for possession of certification 4% per grade as indicated below:


Lead Plant & Equipment Maintenance Mechanic


Mechanical Technologist Grade

 % Effective 9/2017 Max 16% 1 4% 2 4% 3 4% 4 4%



Collection System Field Supervisor

Collection System Manager


Collection System Maint

 % Effective 9/2017 Max 16% 1 4% 2 4% 3 4% 4 4%



Distribution System Field Supervisor

Distribution System Manager


Water Distribution

 % Effective 9/2017 Max 16% 1 4% 2 4% 3 4% 4 4%



Laboratory Supervisor

Laboratory Technician


Laboratory Analyst


% Effective 9/2017

Max 16%

 1 4% 2 4% 3 4% 4 4%



Project Development Coordinator


% Effective 9/2017

Max 16%

 1 4% 2 4% 3 4% 4 4%



Safety & Training Compliance Officer

Board of Certified Safety Professional CSP or ARM 

% Effective 9/2017

Max 8%

 1 4% 2 4%


The Environmental Resources and Compliance Officer classification shall be eligible for 4% incentive pay for possession of Grade 1 CWEA Environmental Compliance Inspector- and 8% educational incentive pay for possession of NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Certified Stormwater Inspector – Municipal.


          The Safety & Training Compliance Officer shall receive 4% per certification for Certification by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) or an Associate Risk Manager (ARM) (maximum 8%)

          The Plant & Equipment Maintenance Manager, Collection/Distribution System Manager, and Chief of Operations classifications are eligible for 5% educational incentive for possession of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university and an additional 5% for possession of a Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university.

Per Resolution 20-46, Public Works Maintenance Supervisors shall be eligible for the education/certification pay consistent with the Lead Public Works Maintenance Workers they supervise.


MILEAGE – Effective January 1, 2021, reimbursement rate is 56 cents per mile.

Special Instructions

Apply immediately. Applications accepted until sufficient number of qualified applications received.

Interviews: TBA


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