Disaster Service Volunteer (16680082)

East Bay
Continuous or until 999 applicants

Please review the special instructions before applying for this job opportunity.


100 Civic Plaza Dublin, 94568



The City of Dublin is currently seeking citizens who are willing to serve as volunteers and are ready to respond whenever disaster strikes. During a catastrophic event there are enormous unmet human resource needs; having a pre-screened and well-managed reserve of volunteers is an extremely valuable community asset.



Volunteers are expected to be on-call when large incidents and disasters occur. These major events include, but are not limited to, earthquakes, severe storms, tornadoes, flash floods, landslides; floods, fires, and unusual incidents than can arise out of terrorism, urban unrest or mass actions.


Whenever such large incidents occur, volunteers are called upon to assist professional responders such as police officers, firefighters, building inspectors, care & shelter support and general emergency operations support with any tasks associated with disaster response and recover. Possible tasks include, but are not limited to:


  • Care & Shelter – Assist in accruing and providing food, clothing, bedding, shelter, and rehabilitation aid; register evacuees to promote reuniting families and to support the needs of special populations; compile authoritative lists of deceased and missing persons; and other phases of emergency human services, such as maintaining morale and administering to the mental health, religious or spiritual needs of persons suffering from the effects of the disaster.
  • Logistics – Under the direction of the Chief of Logistics and/or designee, assist in procurement, warehousing, and release of supplies, equipment materials, or other resources. Assist in mobilization and utilization of public and private transportation resources required for the movement of persons, materials, and equipment.
  • Animal Care – Assist in the establishment and maintenance of a temporary shelter to house animals, register animals to promote reuniting pets with owners, manage intake of donated materials, providing food and water to animals, cleaning living areas, taking animals out for walks, brushing and grooming animal coats, and transporting animals.
  • Child Care – Assist in the establishment and provision of a temporary child care facility; provide youth ages infant to teen with support and engaging activities; prepare meals and snacks; keep the facility areas clean and organized; assist with crafts, games or free-play; act as a positive role model; provide positive reinforcement and promote healthy, non-violent behaviors; communicate with other full-time staff and volunteers regarding on-going facility, program, and client needs.
  • Search and Rescue – Under the direction of the appropriate authority, perform search and rescue operations in one or more of several areas including: search and rescue; urban search and rescue; or confined space rescue.
  • Safety Assessment Inspector – Survey, evaluate and assess damaged facilities for continued occupancy or use; assist in emergency restoration of facilities for utilities, transportation, and other vital community services; and provide recommendations regarding shoring or stabilization of damaged or unsafe building or structures.
  • Emergency Volunteer Center – Establish and manage volunteer reception station; distribute forms to potential volunteers; direct people with non-volunteer related inquiries to appropriate source; post urgent volunteer resource needs; establish and manager volunteer intake and referral station; conduct brief interview with prospective volunteers; register volunteers as Disaster Service Workers; ensure completion of required paperwork and administration of Loyalty Oath.
  • Any clerical/administrative support wherever needed.

Ideal Candidate


  • Be a resident of Dublin.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have a DSV application on file.
  • Pass background check.
  • Have means of transportation.


Training & Experience

No training or prior experience required for this program, but any familiarity with CERT, safety assessment (ATC20), first aid, shelter assistance, traffic control, radio communications, accounting, data entry, child care, animal care, customer service, debris removal, food preparation service are highly desirable.


Licenses, Certificates, Special Requirements

Possession of a valid California Class C drivers’ license (desired) and Certificate of Automobile Insurance for Personal Liability (desired).  Please indicate if you have any related certificate such as First Aid, CPR/AED, HAM Radio License when filling out the Disaster Service Volunteer application. Disaster Service Volunteers will go through a pre- screening process that will include an application screening, background check, and LIVESCAN fingerprinting.


Knowledge of

  • First Aid, CPR/AED, or any other emergency response knowledge are highly desired but are not required.


Ability To

  • Help those in distress in a calm manner.
  • Be available and respond to a disastrous event on short notice.
  • Work in adverse conditions such as those resulting from a natural or man-made disaster.
  • Work in fast-paced environment.
  • Work under pressure.
  • Safely operate a motor vehicle.
  • Accurately follow and give oral and written instructions.
  • Use good judgement in executing duties.
  • Carry out basic clerical/administrative tasks.
  • Be considerate of people in sensitive situations.
  • Help those that might need special care and attention.
  • Be flexible with work environment, i.e. alone, with a partner, or in a group.
  • Be patient and use good public relation skills.
  • Stay alert and be aware of what is happening around you to ensure personal safety.

Interpret a second language is desirable but not required.


There are no benefits for volunteer positions.

Special Instructions


The City of Dublin is located in eastern Alameda County, approximately 35 miles southeast of San Francisco. The City was incorporated in 1982 with a population of 53,462 within 14.59 square miles. Dublin’s strategic “crossroad” location at the intersection of Interstate 580 and 680 has made the City freeway close and conveniently accessible to the Bay Area with two BART stations.


The City of Dublin is continually striving to enhance the services provided to our customers.  The City organization is committed to creating a challenging and rewarding environment in which all employees representing the City are motivated to respond to the needs of the City’s customers.  In setting high standards for ourselves, we take pride in:


  • Being a responsive and proactive City team, in touch with the changing needs and expectations of the Dublin community.
  • Providing the highest level of quality service in all City programs and activities.
  • Promoting a “can do” attitude using common sense along with technical/professional knowledge.
  • Being committed to high professional standards.  A professional attitude encourages an objective approach to analyses of issues.
  • Providing information and resources to our customers in a friendly and helpful manner.

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