Workforce Development Specialist (Special Assistant)

Social Services
East Bay
$33.65-$33.65 Hourly

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The Fremont Family Resource Center (FRC) is a collaborative effort of 24 State, County, City and non-profit agencies that support families in a variety of ways.  Services available at the FRC include: adult and youth employment; child care information, referral and subsidies; counseling, family support and service coordination, housing information; parent support; immigration services; services for the disabled; nutrition services for mothers and children; health insurance counseling; and SparkPoint FRC to help families build their financials assets.  The City of Fremont Human Services Department is the lead organization in the FRC collaborative and in SparkPoint Fremont.

The Workforce Development Specialist (Special Assistant) is a temporary full-time two-year position reporting to the Fremont Family Resource Center (FRC) Administrator and the Project Team.  This position will be the lead person to implement the Southern Alameda County Workforce Development Project, the goal of which is to elevate short-term, vocational training programs that lead to a livable wage for low-skilled, high-barrier individuals,  specifically the Tri-City area of Fremont, Newark, and Union City.  The Specialist will first conduct a workforce environmental scan of Southern Alameda County, including: needs of local employers and of the FRC clients; and capabilities of local training program providers to meet those needs.  The Specialist will then develop and recommend an implementation plan to improve system-wide integration of  career pathways among existing regional training program providers; and, if indicated by the research, to develop and/or recruit new programs.

We are looking for a candidate who is excited about expanding career pathways for low-skilled residents who have multiple barriers to employment.  The candidate must have proven experience working with the community, developing programs, and providing services to address those needs.  This position will implement a planning process designed to address the local training gap, as described in the opening paragraph.
The position requires experience implementing workforce development services and job readiness activities, as well as a demonstrated history of successful execution of job development strategies that lead to gainful employment for residents of the city in which s/he worked.
This full-time temporary position has an expected duration of  2 years.


In Year One
- Implement a planning process designed to address the local training gap of limited high-quality, free and low cost , short-term, sector-based job training programs.
- Partner with and regularly report progress to the Project Team, who will provide critical review and then endorse and promote an implementation plan.
- The implementation plan will also include system-wide recommendations for improved or expanded curriculum, and improved integration of current career pathways, among the existing regional educational institutions and all the local career pathway agencies via short term training programs identified in the planning process.
- The implementation plan will recommend strategies for incentivizing existing providers of high-quality, free and low cost , short-term, sector-based job training programs, to newly locate services in Southern Alameda County and to adapt their training programs as indicated by the research.

In Year Two
- If indicated by the research, the implementation plan will include a recommendation and plan for development of an entirely new sector-specific training program(s), in partnership with our regional educational institutions and training providers, to pilot in FY19 to serve target populations in Southern Alameda County.  An important part of the work will be to secure additional funding for the new program.    The plan will document success in amending existing programs’ curriculum; improved structural accessibility to trainings programs; recruitment and development of high-quality, free, or low cost short-term, sector-based job training programs; and target population success outcomes in completing training and securing living wage employment in the field of their training.  This documentation will support scaling, replication, and application of project successes and lessons.

Ideal Candidate

Any combination of education and/or experience that has provided the knowledge and abilities necessary for satisfactory job performance would be qualifying. A typical qualifying background would include:  Bachelor's Degree in business, marketing, psychology or related field and at least three years of experience in job development, client relations, recruitment, workforce development, employment, and training or related experience in a for-profit or nonprofit organization.

The successful candidate will possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Knowledge of: job development and workforce development strategies; occupational conditions and trends; recruitment procedures.

Skilled in: establishing public relations and building up employment network; analyzing labor market and developing workforce knowledge base; multimodal communication and event coordination; Microsoft Office Suite.

Ability to: market services and cold call prospective clients; work with youth and adults from diverse economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds; creatively solve problems; work as an effective team member; facilitate classes and training sessions; handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Highly desirable job-specific competencies:
- Analytical Thinking – Ability to anticipate problems and develop contingency plans to deal with them as well as evaluate and implement alternative courses of action.
- Persistence – Ability to continue a course of action in the face of adversity.
- Energetic – Ability to bring and sustain considerable stamina and vigor to all aspects of the work.


This temporary assignments does not include benefits.

Special Instructions

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