HHSA Mental Health Counselor, Senior I/II/III (20126452)

Behavioral Health
Northern California Inland
6/25/2021 at 5pm
$27.51-$37.52 Hourly

Please review the special instructions before applying for this job opportunity.


525 W. Sycamore Street Willows, 95988


This position is located at the Glenn County Health and Human Services Agency, Behavioral Health Division. The HHSA Mental Health Counselor, Senior II is distinguished from the HHSA Mental Health Counselor, Senior I by the performance of the full range of duties as assigned, requiring attainment of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Marriage Family Therapist License. The HHSA Mental Health Counselor, Senior III is the advanced level and supervisory classification in the series. This position will work as part of a School Wellness Team delivering timely mental health services to students and families on campus and in the community. There are four (4) positions available. These are regular full-time positions, scheduled for forty (40) hours per week. 


  • Provides individual, group, and family counseling on a variety of mental health problems and substance abuse; develops treatment plans; provides follow-up counseling, and assists patients with the resolution of problems.
  • Observes patients on-site at schools and conducts home visits as necessary.
  • Consults with psychiatrist and other clinical staff about treatment planning for clients.
  • Makes clinical determinations of crisis situations; authorizes 72-hour holds for hospitalization; develops treatment plans.
  • Maintains and updates records, notes, and charts; prepares progress and summary reports on cases; presents reports to committees and agencies as required.
  • Receives referrals from the courts or other individuals or organizations regarding individuals requiring treatment services; develops and implements treatment programs.
  • Prepares court reports for use by other County departments/agencies.
  • Remains on-call evenings and weekends for crisis case and emergency situations.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be able to perform a variety of complex professional duties in the provision of outpatient and crisis mental health services to individuals and groups.


  • You are able to interview and counsel clients, diagnose needed services and take effective courses of action.
  • You have knowledge of pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations.
  • You are able to maintain confidentiality as appropriate.
  • You have knowledge of principles and practices in drug and alcohol services.
  • You are able to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • You have knowledge of modern office procedures, practices, and technology.


I—Some professional experience in the provision of psychiatric social services, counseling, or substance abuse counseling.

II—Two years of professional experience in the provision of psychiatric social services, counseling, or substance abuse counseling.

II—Meet the minimum qualifications by the Board of Behavioral Sciences (1870-1874, of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations) to supervise associate clinical social workers and associate marriage and family therapists to include: Be licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences for at least two years prior to commencement of supervision. Have practiced psychotherapy or directly supervised associate clinical social workers, or associate marriage and family therapists or trainees, who perform psychotherapy as part of their clinical practice, in two of the past five years immediately preceding the commencement of supervision.

I/II/III—Master’s degree in psychology, behavioral science, social work, or related area.

I—Intern number from the Board of Behavioral Science or Board of Psychology as specified in the Business and Professional Code Section 4980.44.

II/III—Licensed Clinical Social Worker of Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist license.



13 paid holidays per year and an additional twenty four hours of Holiday Leave.  An employee must be employed the last working day before and the first working day after the holiday in order to receive holiday compensation.  Employees on leave without pay shall not accrue holiday benefits.


88 hours (approximately 11 working days) per year during the first 2 years of service; 128 hours (approximately 16 working days) per year during years 3 through 12; 168 hours (approximately 21 working days) per year during years 13 through 19; 208 hours (approximately 26 working days) per year after 20 full years of service.


96 hours (approximately twelve working days) per year of paid sick leave.


40 hours with pay for each instance for immediate family members.  Immediate family includes spouse, child, stepchild, grandchild, stepparent, parent, grandparent, parent-in-law, grandparent-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother or sister.


Service is based on employment with Glenn County.  The County shall provide a longevity differential above the employee’s base rate of pay for those employees represented by this unit as follows: after 10 full years of service 5%, after 15 full years of service 1%, after 20 full years of service 1%, after 25 full years of service 1% and after 30 full years of service 1% for a total of 9%.


Glenn County contracts with PERS for medical insurance.  The County pays a portion of the medical insurance premium based on the carrier and amount of the total premium. 


The County pays the employee premium for a vision plan with Medical Eye Services (MES).  The employee may enroll dependents at the employee’s expense.


GCGU employees are offered a choice of two voluntary dental insurance plans; UNUM  Dental Maintenance Plan and Guardian Dental Plan.  The employee pays 100% of the premium through payroll deduction.


The County offers three IRC § 457 voluntary Deferred Compensation Plans (tax deferred long-term savings plans): Voya, Nationwide and Edward Jones.


The County coordinates with State Short Term Disability Insurance for regular employees. 


The County pays the premium on a $10,000 Term Life Insurance policy for regular County employees.  The employee pays the premium for optional life insurance.


The County participates in the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) which is coordinated with Social Security.  The employee is responsible for 100% of the employee’s portion. Unused accrued sick leave can be converted to service credit at retirement.


GCGU employees participate in the Laborers’ International of North America (Industrial) Pension Fund.


Premium pay such as shift differential, bilingual, and working-out-of-class pay may be paid depending upon the employee’s work assignment and class.

*Benefits are listed for full-time employees; certain benefits are pro-rated for part-time employees.

Special Instructions

To apply for this job opportunity, please submit a completed County of Glenn employment application packet online at or to the Personnel Department: 525 W. Sycamore Street, Willows, CA 95988 by 
5:00 P.M., Friday, June 25th, 2021.

This recruitment may be used to establish a list to fill future vacancies for the next six (6) months.

Application packets must include the following
•    A Glenn County Employment Application      •         Résumé
•    Transcripts and/or Certificates                         •         Cover Letter

Recruitment Contact

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