Hillsborough Recreation

Recreation Utility Worker

San Francisco/Peninsula
Until filled
$26.89-$32.69 Monthly




General Description

Under the general supervision of the Director of Recreation and the Director of Grounds and Maintenance, the utility person performs duties assigned by either of these supervisors as needed.  This includes but is not limited to Recreation responsibilities, grounds work, maintenance work, and other emergency services as required.


Essential Functions

1.  Possess knowledge and skill to perform tasks with a minimum amount of supervision and specific work guidelines in areas of gardening, custodial services, and general maintenance.


2.  Attends to the grooming of the District grounds and Vista Park.


3.  Ability to use the tools, materials, and equipment associated with maintenance.


4.  Knowledge of the methods, equipment, and tools used in building and equipment maintenance.


5.  Required to be on call for emergencies and make appropriate responses to protect and maintain District property.


6.  Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.


7.  Deliver mail and packages.


8.  Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with co-workers.


9.  Attends meetings directed by Director of Maintenance and Grounds.


10.  Attends trainings as required by HCSD and HREC, including but not limited to, Sexual Harrassment, Mandated Reporter, and pest management.


Minimum Requirements

1.  Three (3) years of recent, related experience in building trades, including the variety of trades that are indicated above, or in school operation departments.


2.  Completion of the twelfth (12th) grade.


3.  Must possess a valid California Driver’s License and must show a clean DMV record.



Power driven tools and machinery, ladders, carpentry, plumbing, electrical equipment and grounds, maintenance, and custodial equipment.


Physical Demands

The tasks of this job are physical in nature.  It will require the operation of power driven tools and require heavy manual labor.  The tasks will require standing, walking, reaching, stretching, bending, and lifting up to 75 pounds.  Because machines are used, hand-eye coordination is important and finger/wrist movement is continuous. 



Hearing, Vision, Language, and Speech Processing

Close proximity hearing and vision are needed and eye focus at varying distances occurs often.  The tasks require communication skills, visual and auditory comprehension, long and short term memory.  Reading and writing are required.


Human Relations Characteristics

The Recreation Utility Worker must deal with the public and his/her co-workers.  He/She must work independently on his/her tasks to complete his/her analysis and reporting.  He/She is a decision maker and problem solver.


Environmental Conditions

This is an indoor/outdoor job, with some exposure to extreme weather conditions such as rain/thunder storms.



The Recreation Utility Worker must complete tasks alone.  The work is often repetitive in set procedures and sequence.  The varieties of duties require a change from one task to another without loss of efficiency or composure.  This person must be calm and positive, allowing him/her to establish good working relationships with staff members, parents, district partners, and community members.


*Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the above stated functions.

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