Mill Valley

Program Coordinator - Facilities

Northern Bay Area
5/13/2019 at 12am or until 100 applicants
$2,366.00-$3,170.00 Monthly

Please review the special instructions before applying for this job opportunity.


180 Camino Alto Mill Valley, 94941


The Program Coordinator - Facilities will assist with the timely processing of rental applications and the smooth operation of facility rentals. This position requires a high level of customer service, attention to detail, marketing prowess, and event management expertise. Please note: this position requires a Saturday through Monday work schedule. 


  • Program Coordinator may have a specific focus in a program area or area(s), including, but not limited to facility management.
  • Facilitates recreation activities, specifically enrichment, for specific youth age groups with part-time staff, independent contractors, and volunteers (groups and individuals).
  • Organizes, implements, directs, supervises and/or promotes specific programs, activities and special events.
  • Implements the Recreation Department’s programming at off and on-site locations and develops new programming and curriculum in partnership with the community. 
  • Participates in the preparation and administration of assigned program budget.
  • Works with local organizations, businesses, school personnel, parents and community members in developing and providing programs and activities through rentals.
  • Communicates clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Creates flyers, brochures, and other materials related to programs and events, as directed.
  • Provides customer service to applicants, participants, and the general public.
  • Monitors the day-to-day operations of the rentals, programs, and special events, including handling and resolving complaints not requiring the attention of a supervisor and ensuring that programs and events have required setups, materials and supplies.
  • Assists in the evaluation of programming including conducting customer satisfaction surveys and analyzing reports on rental program effectiveness.
  • Enforces safety and operating procedures and provides for maintenance needs including compliance with health and safety codes. 
  • Creation and development of new events, as needed.

*Please note that this is a part-time permanent position (25 hours a week or .625 FTE). The salary listed above is the .625 FTE equivalent salary. Benefits are prorated accordingly as well. Additional part-time hours may be agreed upon with the Director of Recreation filling an additional role/position but benefits will continue to be calculated at the .625 FTE proration.

To view the Job Announcement please click on the link provided below.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will have significant experience working with elementary to middle school youth, ideally in a fast-paced and dynamic setting. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university with major coursework in early arts, recreation, or a related field with a minimum of two years of experience in hospitality and customer service, etc. is preferred.

Please make sure to read the Job Description for complete information on the job and requirements.


Health insurance: The City offers a Kaiser Health Plan, Healthnet PPO, and Healthnet HMO. The City will pay 100% of the Kaiser Family Plan premium for you, a spouse, and any/all dependents. The City will pay up to the Kaiser premium cost (usually around +/-$1,900/month) toward the other plans, should you choose them (the rest of the premium amount is deducted from your check at that point).

Dental insurance: The City pays the full premium of a Delta Dental Plan for you, a spouse, and any/all dependents. The co-pay is 20% (so the plan covers 80% of everything).

Other insurances: The City pays the full premium for a $50,000 life insurance benefit, and also the premium for Long-Term Disability Insurance (maximum coverage is $5,200/month). Please note that the City does not provide vision insurance at this time.

457 Deferred Compensation Plan: the City offers up to $600/year matching contribution toward deferred compensation.

Retirement: the City is a CalPERS agency. If you’re a CalPERS member or have been, your specific classification should be discussed but in general “New” employees are 2.0% at 62 and “Classic” employees are 2.0% at 55.


0-3 years of service = 2 weeks/year

3-7 years of service = 3 weeks/year

7-15 years of service = 4 weeks/year

15+ years of service = 5 weeks/year

Paid holidays: 14 (10 named holidays plus 4 “floating” holidays)

Sick leave: 10 days/year

Special Instructions

Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of the City's official application form via CalOpps, but should accompany the application. All applications and resumes will be reviewed to select those applicants whose qualifications appear to most closely match the requirements of the position. A limited number of qualified applicants may be invited to participate in the subsequent phase(s) of the recruitment process, which may include one or more of the following: written examination, performance examination, assessment exercises, oral interviews, and complete background checks. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee advancement in the selection process.

Recruitment Contact

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