Apply for: Reserve Firefighter (15185301)

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Each Reservist will be responsible to provide his/her own uniforms and station boots. All uniforms shall meet the City of Lincoln Uniform Guidelines.
Reserves are assigned to a specific shift and station and may be rotated as needed. The candidate will be assigned to the specific shift and station for six months. At the end of the six months they will rotate to a different shift to allow the candidates the chance to gain more exposure to individuals with different skills and specialties in the fire service. The Reservist shall submit available days of work by the twentieth of the current month for the following month. If there are more than one reservist on each shift at a certain station, preference will be given to the reservist with the most time in the program. If two or more reserves have the same amount of time in the program, a rotating list will be followed to allow each reservist a fair opportunity to select their work day.
The City of Lincoln is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Reasonable accommodation in the application, examination, and selection process will be made upon request of disabled applicants. Medical disability verification may be required prior to accommodation.
The provisions in this brochure do not constitute a contract, expressed or implied, and the City may modify or revoke any provisions in