Apply for: Resident Volunteer Firefighter

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Minimum Qualifications: • Must be at least 18 years of age, • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent • Possess a valid California Drivers License • Maintain residency within the city / district of Winters or the Winters Fire District boundaries. Consideration will be given to those who live outside the district but have a Winters mailing address. • Attend 80% of the two Wednesday night training drills and association meetings in a calendar year • Shall successfully complete a training task book and a 12-month probation The Selection Process Prompt application is encouraged. Applicants are requested to provide thorough yet concise information on their related work experience and education to ensure correct and accurate evaluation of their qualifications. Based upon the information presented in the application materials, a limited number of candidates with qualifications most pertinent to this position will be invited to participate in the selection process. Any or all of the following testing procedures will be used: written test, practical skills examination and oral board interview. Results of the testing procedure will be used to establish recruitment list that will be valid for up to one year or until exhausted. Appointment is subject to any and or all of the following: Interview, background investigation, finger-printing, records check (DOJ, FBI and DMV), comprehensive physical examination (including drug screen). A probationary period of one year must be satisfactorily completed before permanent employment status can be obtained.

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