Apply for: Police Recruit (20089317)

Personal Information

Academy Attendee applicants must provide an application and while attending the Police Academy, Police Officer-Recruits are temporary employees and are eligible for worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance benefits.

After successful completion of and graduation from the Policy Academy, Police Officer-Recruits who continue to meet the Employment Standards listed below are eligible to be sworn in as Police Officers and begin the Field Training Program. At that time, they are eligible for Full-Time City employment status and benefits available to such employees.


The minimum peace officer selection standards are set forth in Government Code Sections 1029 and 1031.

Successful completion of :

POST Written - Pellet B Exam

Physical Agility - WSTB Exam


Licenses and/or Certifications:

Valid California Class C Driver’s License or higher and a good driving record at time of appointment.


Associate Degree in Public Administration, Criminal Justice, or Police Administration, or related field of study.




A City application is required: To be considered for this employment opportunity,

please complete the City Application by

going to

where you may submit your application online.

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If you have any questions please contact

Ms. Irma Martinez, Human Resources Technician at (650) 853- 3116