Northern California Power Agency

Mechanic Operator III (20008628)

Middletown, CA
Sacramento/Metro Area
Until filled
$58.14-$58.14 Hourly


Final Filing Date: First review of applications will be on June 18, 2020. NCPA reserves the right to close the posting once a sufficient number of qualified applications have been received.



The Mechanic Operator position consists of five levels of competency.  Individuals can either enter into the classification at the beginning level of the job or somewhere between the entry level and the top step depending on the qualifications brought with them.  It is the expectation of NCPA that all employees progress to the top level.  In order to progress to the top level an employee must complete all components in a competency level within the associated training matrix.  Employees who successfully complete a training level matrix and who received a rating of “meets requirements” or higher by their immediate supervisor will be promoted when qualified.  Upon completion/demonstration of competencies employees will be expected to perform work in all completed levels and other job-related duties as required. All employees have the right to challenge any component in the training matrix by proving proficiencies verbally and practically.

General Scope of the Job

Under general supervision of the Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor and at times under the general direction of the Mechanic Operator Lead Person; to maintain, repair, adjust, install, and test, powerplant steam field, water injection systems and equipment and maintain lease site grounds.  The measure of accuracy and reliability is the safe, effective and efficient performance of the Facilities.  This position is predominately mechanic based with operation support as outlined below.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities

Level III

This level of the Mechanic Operator position requires the completion of all Level III training requirements. The employee must perform the duties as described below and as defined in lower levels while attaining Level IV skills and experience through academic and hands-on training. Level III knowledge and skills focus on journey level mechanical duties and responsibilities.

  • Inspects, tests, calibrates, installs, rebuilds, adjusts, repairs and aligns all mechanical equipment such as hydraulic control systems, turbines, generators, cooling tower, pumps, electric motors, valves, gear reducers, compressors, blowers heat exchangers, HVAC systems excluding refrigerant replacement, fire protection systems, diesel and gas engines, mufflers, separators, traps, rock catchers, tanks, pipeline and pipe supports.
  • Maintains fleet vehicles.
  • Maintains facility structures, plumbing, and roads.
  • Performs basic inspections and repairs various rigging equipment, fixtures and cranes.
  • Assists the scaffolding qualified journeyman in maintaining, and repairing scaffolding.
  • Inspects and maintains safety devices such as harnesses and rescue equipment.
  • Works with Safety Manager to maintain records of regulated equipment.
  • Keeps accurate records of equipment history, reports and work orders on computer for CMMS.  Works with CMMS personnel for accuracy and reliability.
  • Performs preventative maintenance and assessments on various plant equipment.
  • Writes Work/Operating Procedures within area of expertise.
  • Requisitions replacement parts and supplies to carry out assigned tasks.
  • Makes working drawings of components and changes made to Plant systems relative to area of expertise.
  • Installs, inspects, tests, repairs, rebuilds, and maintains equipment such as portable and fixed site pumps, valves, mufflers, separators, traps, rock catchers, turbines, generators, motors, gear reducers, compressors and hydraulic control systems, pipelines, tanks, pipeline supports, effluent piping components.
  • Maintains lease site grounds structures, culverts, roads, drains and ditches.
  • Examines and diagnoses malfunctions or defective equipment on pumps, motors, valves, separators, vents, air vacuum breakers and compressors; disassembles/reassembles, overhauls and adjusts defective equipment.
  • Installs, fits and calibrates equipment replacement parts.  Observes equipment operation.  Adjusts equipment to operational specifications using specialized tools and precision measuring instruments.
  • Disassembles, removes, repairs, replaces, assembles and aligns pipes, pipeline components, and valves repairing or replacing broken and worn parts using various hand tools.
  • Observes and directs contractors while digging trenches, cleaning tanks and maintaining lease site grounds.
  • Under the direction and training of operations, assists with clearances on steam field and effluent pipeline equipment for maintenance purposes.
  • Performs basic welding.
  • Rigs and lifts equipment to install, repair or replace equipment.
  • Instructs and trains workers in repair and maintenance procedures of steam field, power plant and effluent pipeline equipment.
  • Maintains inventory of tools and materials for the maintenance work at the steam field and effluent pipeline.
  • Maintains steam field equipment records on work completed for RCM.
  • Assists other classifications when needed.
  • Performs other job-related duties as required.
  • Acquire OSHA certified training to meet business needs.
  • Trains and advises other workers in the maintenance and operation of steam field and effluent pipeline equipment.
  • Maintains and repairs Hydraulic Control Systems.

Application of Technical and General Job Skills

  • Technical and job skills are indicated by demonstrating an ability to:
  • Efficiently and effectively operate, control, and maintain equipment, and be accountable for aspects of the job at the Geothermal Facility.
  • Implement or use existing methods to control the waste of time, money and material resources, such as:
    • Acting to improve work procedures
    • Conserving resources
    • Expediting a job
    • Completing a work assignment efficiently
    • Completing long term work in an orderly fashion
  • Work with management to identify and learn from mistakes made and apply what is learned to future situations or plant conditions.
  • Establish and maintain effective work relationships with those contacted in the performance of required duties.
  • Review own action to determine the cause of poor working relationships so those relationships can be improved
  • May be required to work extended hours and on normal days off.
  • Operate Agency vehicles and equipment safety.

Training and Experience Requirements

Level III

  • Completion of the NCPA Level III training program or three years of equivalent journey level mechanical experience.
  • Maintaining a level of technical proficiency in current job as demonstrated by performance reviews and evaluations.                                                             

Driver’s License Requirement

Possession of an unrestricted Class C California operator’s license issued by the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles.  Possession and maintenance of a good driving record as demonstrated by the absence of multiple or serious traffic violations or accidents within the last three (3) years.


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