Police Officer (19889867)

Law Enforcement
Central Coast
Until filled
$39.66-$53.15 Hourly

Please review the special instructions before applying for this job opportunity.


This is the entry journey level classification in the City's sworn police officer series.  Incumbents may enter the class either as an academy graduate or lateral status.   Academy graduates and lateral entry police officers are appointed to full probationary status at time of hire. 


Patrol Division Assignment

  1. Operates a police vehicle, and/or walks a foot beat in patrolling an assigned area. 
  2. Prevents crimes by communicating with and advising individuals and groups on residential and business district safety practices. 
  3. Enforces State Penal and Vehicle Code Sections, and other state and local laws and regulations governing public safety.
  4. Responds to radio and telephone dispatches and handles activities at the scenes of crimes and other disorders. 
  5. Investigates and prepares reports on arrests and impounded property. 
  6. Contacts, questions, and interviews crime suspects, witnesses and other persons; searches and seizes contraband and other types of controlled property. 
  7. Arrests, transports, supervises and assists in processing detainees and other individuals in custody.
  8. Trains in tactical and other departmental assignments, and performs related duties as assigned. 
  9. Collaborates and works with a wide range of internal departments and external agencies; provides reports, background checks, database inquiries, verification for lost or stolen items including missing persons (Department of Justice validation lists) and other orders or requests.
  10. Performs searches of suspects and obtains evidence samples and other necessary information.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of:

  • City, State and federal laws, statutes, ordinances, and court decisions as pertinent to assigned duties. 
  • Police department policies, practices, regulations and procedures. 
  • Law enforcement and crime prevention principles, practices and techniques. 
  • Human behavioral theories, principles, methods and practices. 
  • Geographic layout and demographic characteristics of the City. 
  • Current methods and practices of criminal identification and investigation. Criminal law with particular emphasis on rules of apprehension, search, seizure, arrest and prosecution of persons.
  • Narcotics investigation techniques. 
  • Departmental organization and the functions of the various Divisions. 

Special Instructions

Required Documents- Lateral Applicants

  • California P.O.S.T. Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Certificate
  • Applicants who have three or more years "break in service" from a P.O.S.T certified agency: Must provide a copy of their P.O.S.T Requalification Certificate* and WSTB*


Required Documents- Academy Graduate Applicants

•  P.O.S.T. Basic Academy Course certificate* or P.O.S.T. Requalification Course certificate*. Certificate must remain valid by appointment date. 

• Applicants who submit a P.O.S.T. Requalification Course Certificate, must submit a valid WSTB*. South Bay WSTB Certificate must accompany application and be valid within 12 months prior to application.
• Certificate must remain valid by appointment date.

Recruitment Contact

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