San Jose

Sanitary Engineer - Environmental Services Department

South Bay
1/4/2019 at 11:30pm
$78,977.60-$99,964.80 Annually


700 Los Esteros Road San Jose, 95134


The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) division is responsible for delivering a 10-year Capital Improvement Program estimated at $1.4 billion. The first Five-Year CIP includes Headworks Improvements, Aeration Tanks and Blower Rehabilitation, Nitrification Clarifier Rehabilitation, Secondary Clarifier Rehabilitation, Filter Rehabilitation, Digester and Thickener Facilities Upgrades, New Cogeneration Facility, Digested Sludge Dewatering Facility, Advance Facility Control and Meter Replacement, Treatment Plant Distributed Control System, and Facility Wide Water Systems Improvements. The division is a collective 70 member team, staffed by more than 30 full-time engineering professionals and supported by program management consultant staff as well as staff from the City’s Department of Public Works. The CIP is an exciting opportunity that stands among one of the largest public improvement efforts in the South Bay.


Environmental Services is currently recruiting for multiple Sanitary Engineer positions for the Capital Improvement Program Services Division located at the San Jose/Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility (RWF).  The incumbent in this position will be supervised by an Associate or Senior Engineer.  The Sanitary Engineer will provide engineering and ancillary professional technical services in support of CIP projects and as well as working with current RWF operations.


This recruitment will be used to fill up to two Sanitary Engineer positions in the following technical area(s):


Sanitary Wastewater Capital Projects Engineer

The Sanitary Engineer will provide engineering and technical assistance in the development and delivery of wastewater capital improvement projects.

Typical duties may include but are not limited to:

-       Coordinate and provide technical review of project submittals including but not limited to feasibility studies, condition assessment reports, engineering calculations, conceptual design reports, 30-60-90-100% design documents, construction schedule, and construction estimate

-       Reviewing design guidelines and evaluate their relevance to new design projects.

-       Research and evaluate wastewater technology and equipment, and make selection recommendations based on sound engineering analysis

-       Assist in the preparation of project bid packages (i.e. plans & specifications).

-       Evaluate, prepare, and/or coordinate responses to Requests for Information (RFI) and bid protests in a timely manner

-       Preparing technical reports, documentations and memoranda.

-       Schedule, organize, prepare, and distribute meeting agendas, minutes, and/or presentation materials for meetings as assigned

-       Participating in commissioning, post-construction process testing, and performance reviews.

-       Providing technical assistance to the RWF operations and maintenance

Sanitary Wastewater Process Engineer

The Sanitary Engineer will perform wastewater treatment process trouble-shooting and optimization, treatment process pilot studies and process engineering support to the facility’s Capital Improvement Program.

Typical duties may include but are not limited to:

-       Providing technical assistance to the RWF operations and maintenance.

-       Collecting samples, analyzing lab data and conducting field tests to troubleshoot and resolve wastewater process problems.  Prior work in a lab setting conducting jar tests is a plus.

-       Evaluating unit operations and processes for wastewater treatment efficiency, evaluating and recommending innovative process modifications and technologies.

-       Reviewing, analyzing and preparing operational data and compiling reports for each process area.

-       Participating in the unit process operating strategies and annual operations plan preparations.

-       Remain abreast of new treatment technologies and processes and changing regulations, standards, and techniques.

-       Conducting tours and participating in the preparation of training materials.

-       Performing a variety of wastewater engineering computations and analyses using process simulation software for process evaluation, optimization, and predictions.

-       Conducting polite-scale and full-scale studies in support of the RWF CIP and operations.

-       Providing engineering and technical assistance in the development and delivery of capital improvement projects.

-       Reviewing conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design reports and providing written review comments.

-       Performing flows and loads calculations as an input to new design projects.

-       Reviewing design guidelines and establishing their relevance to new design projects.

-       Preparing technical reports, documentations, and memoranda.

-       Participating in commissioning, post-construction process testing, and performance reviews.

-       The ideal candidate would have some exposure to wastewater process modeling using commercial process modeling software such as BioWin. 

-       Basic knowledge of process equipment such as clarifiers, filters and water chemistry is a plus.


This recruitment may be used to fill multiple positions in this, or other divisions or departments. If you are interested in employment in this classification, you should apply to ensure you are considered for additional opportunities that may utilize the applicants from this recruitment.


To learn more about one of our Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, Digester & Thickener Facilities Upgrade, please watch the following video:

Ideal Candidate

Minimum Qualifications


Education:  Completion of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in an engineering science or environmental engineering.


Experience:  One (1) year of professional sanitary or closely related engineering experience.


Employment Eligibility:  Federal law requires all employees to provide verification of their eligibility to work in this country. Please be informed that the City of San Jose will NOT sponsor, represent, or sign any documents related to visa applications/transfers for H1-B or any other type of visa which requires an employer application.


Acceptable Education/Experience Substitutions:  Possession of a valid Engineer-in-Training Certificate or a valid Professional Engineer Certificate issued by the State of California, or Master's reciprocal states, may be substituted for the required education.


Possession of a Master’s degree with specialty in sanitary or environmental engineering may be substituted for the required experience.




The ideal candidate will possess the following competencies, as demonstrated in past and current employment history.  Desirable competencies for this position include:


Job Expertise – Demonstrates knowledge of and experience with applicable professional/technical principles and practices, Citywide and departmental procedures/policies and federal and state rules and regulations.

Experience in design, bidding and/or construction of capital improvement program delivery.

- Knowledge of sanitary engineering principles and practices.

- Knowledge of wastewater treatment methods, processes and equipment, engineering mathematics and hydraulic principles.

- Knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering research, conducting pilot-scale and full- scale studies and performing routine tests to troubleshoot and resolve wastewater treatment problems.

- Knowledge of statistical software packages for data analysis, verification, and interpretation.

- Knowledge and experience of modeling wastewater treatment processes.


Analytical Thinking – Approaches a problem or situation by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.


Computer Skills – Experienced with common business computer applications including but not limited to: MS Outlook, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, and MS Excel.


Multi-Tasking – Can handle multiple projects and responsibilities simultaneously; has handled a wide variety of assignments in past and/or current position(s).


Planning – Acts to align own unit’s goal with the strategic direction of the organization; Defines tasks and milestones to achieve objectives, while ensuring the optimal use of resources to meet those objectives.


Teamwork & Interpersonal Skills – Develops effective relationships with co-workers and supervisors by helping others accomplish tasks and using collaboration and conflict resolution skills.


Flexibility – Makes effective decisions and achieves desired results in the midst of major changes in responsibilities, work processes, timeframes, performance expectations, organizational culture, or work environment.


Communication Skills – Effectively conveys information and expresses thoughts and facts clearly, orally and in writing; demonstrates effective use of listening skills; displays openness to other people's ideas and thoughts.


Selection Process


The selection process will consist of an evaluation of the applicant's training and experience based on the application and responses to the Job Specific Questions. Only the candidates whose backgrounds best match the position will be invited to proceed in the selection process.   Additional phases of the selection process will consist of one or more interviews.


You will be prompted to answer the following job-specific questions during the online application process.  Please note that there is a 4,000-character limit, including spaces, for each text response. 


-       Please list any degrees you possess, including specific area of study, and institution from which it was obtained.


-       Please describe your experience working in professional level engineering.  List position titles, employer, job duties, and number of years in each position. Your explanation must be consistent with your work history.


-       If you possess a valid Engineer-in-Training Certificate or a valid Professional Engineer Certificate issued by the State of California or reciprocal state, please specify type of certificate, issuing authority, and expiration date as applicable.  If this does not apply, please type N/A for not applicable.


-       Please describe your experience in delivery of capital improvement projects, (E.g. design, bidding and/or construction of capital improvement projects) including your role in its execution. 


-       Please describe your experience conducting research, design, process optimization, and/or pilot feasibility studies related to municipal wastewater treatment facilities and any hands-on experience building bench-testing or pilot-scale equipment. Include your role on projects and duration of the assignments. 


You must answer all job-specific questions in order to be considered for this vacancy or your application will be deemed incomplete and withheld from further consideration. 


If you have questions about the duties of these positions, the selection or hiring processes, please contact Maria Lane at