San Jose

Electrician I/II - Citywide

South Bay
4/21/2019 at 11:30pm
$80,246.40-$102,564.80 Annually


200 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, 95113-1905


Electrician I: annual salary range is $80,246.40 - $97,656.00, hourly range is $38.58 - $46.95

   Electrician II: annual salary range is $84,302.40 - $102,564.80, hourly range is $40.53 - $49.31


NOTE: The actual salary shall be determined by the final candidate?s qualifications and experience.  In addition to the starting salary, employees in the Electrician classification shall also receive an approximate five percent (5%) ongoing non-pensionable compensation pay. 


The City of San José is accepting applications for the position of Electrician I/II. Written exams are conducted monthly. Candidates passing all phases of the examination process will be placed in a qualified candidate group to be considered for filling present and future vacancies. 


Electrician I is the entry level class in the Electrician series. Incumbents are provided with training and experience to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the full range of installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems and equipment. Electrician I incumbents must complete training, be appointed and pass probation as an Electrician II to retain employment. Electrician II is the journey level class in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and equipment, working independently under general supervision.


Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, testing, troubleshooting, repairing, and operating high and low voltage/amperage electrical components, systems and equipment including: locating problems; determining appropriate courses of action; and coordinating repairs with affected parties. They design, fabricate, and install electrical systems and components and install wiring and electrical equipment, ensuring code compliance. Electricians review work orders, maintain activity logs, prepare requisitions and obtain approval for various projects. Duties may also include purchasing electrical supplies, including: filling out paperwork; coordinating purchases; and, choosing vendors. They are responsible for responding to occasional emergencies, evaluating and taking required actions and determining if support is needed.


Electricians may perform other duties of a similar nature or level.


Electricians in the Department of Transportation are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and improvements of San Jose's streetlight and traffic signal systems. Responsibilities may include installation and maintenance of fiber optic cable, speed radar signs, video detection, traffic monitoring cameras, and 'smart' LED streetlights.


Electricians at the Airport are responsible for a wide range of equipment and systems in a 24/7/365 operation, including repair, installation, operation, and maintenance. Responsibilities may include airfield/airport specific systems and equipment such as series lighting circuits, constant current regulators, airfield lighting control systems, and airfield lights. In addition, responsibilities may include interior and exterior lighting fixtures (including high mast ramp lighting, street lighting, parking lot lighting, etc), lighting control systems, building management systems, access control systems, fire alarm systems, power management systems, building distribution systems and equipment up to 12kv, motor control equipment, baggage handling systems, emergency generators, vehicle gate operators, pump stations and fiber optics.


Shift schedules are based upon the needs and requirements of the Airport, and may require rotation assignments or assignment to a specific shift. Weekend and holiday work may be required, and standby time may be required.


Public Works electrician duties include: new construction, remodels, small tenant improvement projects, lighting retrofit projects, maintenance of pump stations (includes motor controls and PLC's and computerized alarm and monitoring of pumps, etc.), emergency generators, fire alarm systems, vehicle gate operators, badge access controls, lighting control systems, electrical building distribution systems and equipment up to and including 12kv, installing cat 5 and fiber optic networks and maintenance of all City buildings. They also set up temporary power for numerous special events on weekends and public address setups. PW provides standby Electricians 24/7.


Depending upon assignment, Swing Shift, Graveyard Shift, weekend, and holiday work may be required.



The ideal candidate will possess the following competencies, as demonstrated in past and current employment history. Desirable competencies for this position include:

Job Expertise - demonstrates knowledge of and experience with applicable professional/technical principles and practices,Citywide and departmental procedures/policies and federal and state rules and regulations.

Communication Skills - communicates and listens effectively and responds in a timely, effective, positive and respectful manner; written reports and correspondence are accurate, complete, current; well-organized, legible, concise, neat, and in proper grammatical form.

Computer Skills - experience with common business computer applications including but not limited to: MS Outlook, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, and MS Excel. 

Electrical Safety and Safe Work Practices - demonstrates familiarity and experience with Lock Out/Tag Out, safe operation of tools and equipment, and proper use of personal protective gear. 

Problem Solving - approaches a situation or problem by defining the problem or issue; determines the significance of problem(s); collects information; uses logic and intuition to arrive at decisions or solutions to problems that achieve the desired outcome.

Team Work & Interpersonal Skills - demonstrates a positive attitude and flexibility along with the ability to develop effective relationships with co-workers and supervisors by helping others accomplish tasks and using collaboration and conflict resolution skills.









Ideal Candidate

Minimum Qualifications


Graduation from high school or equivalent (G.E.D. or California Proficiency Certificate) and completion of a RECOGNIZED Electrician Apprenticeship program, AND successful completion of the City of San Jose Electrician practical exam at level I (achieves 70% or better in up to 3 attempts with a 5-hour time limit).



1) Graduation from high school or equivalent (G.E.D. or California Proficiency Certificate) AND completion of a RECOGNIZED Electrician Apprenticeship  program AND successful completion of the City of San Jose Electrician practical exam at level II (achieves 70% or better in up to 2 attempts with a 4-hour time limit)


2) Graduation from high school or equivalent AND completion of a RECOGNIZED Electrician Apprenticeship program AND one (1) year satisfactory performance as an Electrician I with the City of San Jose.



1)     Documented proof of completion of 8,500 hours of both course work and experience in all the areas covered in the State of California Electrician Apprenticeship Standards may be substituted for completion of a RECOGNIZED Electrician Apprenticeship program; these areas include residential wiring, commercial and industrial wiring, intercom and signals, controls, underground work, trouble shooting, finishing and fixture hanging, solid state controls, and stock and inventory.

2)     Completion of the State of California Electrician Certification exam will be accepted as proof of completion of 8,500 hours of electrical work experience.


LICENSES: Possession of a current and valid driver's license. Electricians working at the Airport are required to obtain and retain a Movement Area Operating Permit (MAOP) within three (3) months of the start date.


EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION: Federal law requires all employees to provide verification of their eligibility to work in this country. The City of San Jose will not prepare or file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor. Airport positions require the candidates to satisfactorily pass a fingerprint based Criminal History Records Check before being considered.



Candidates who have not completed a RECOGNIZED Electrician Apprenticeship Program must have 8,500 hours of work experience in the following electrical fields. Additionally, there are minimum hour requirements in several fields below:

- RESIDENTIAL WIRING: All work necessary to complete the rough wiring on dwelling type occupancies, such as homes, apartments, etc. (excluding motels or hotels) shall be considered residential work.

- COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL: Minimum of 1700 hours required: Any building or structure when completed will have persons employed (as defined by the State Division of Industrial Safety). Shall include all electrical work from the ground up, and include the installation of all raceways, conductors, and location of all electrical equipment and apparatus inside the building, such as transformers, motors, load centers, distribution centers, etc.

- INTERCOM & SIGNALS: Shall include portion of the electrical system that is necessary to install to transmit voice, signals, or relay of orders, such as fire alarms, burglar alarms, traffic signals, instrumentation, or TV systems.

- CONTROLS: Minimum 850 of hours required: Control work shall be any electrical or electronic means of governing or regulating the functions or motors, machines, in a predetermined manner or sequence.

- UNDERGROUND: Shall be all work installed in ditches (at least 12" deep) outside the building on private property, easements, or on public domain. It shall include all conductors installed in duct or conduit, or where other protection is provided for the protection from mechanical injury, -and shall also include manhole and underground vaults.

- TROUBLESHOOTING: Minimum of 425 hours required: Shall be all work necessary to locate and correct any trouble or failure in an electrical system, and shall include replacement of equipment necessary to repair.

- FINISHING & FIXTURE HANGING: Shall include all trim, plates, receptacles, switches, fixtures, lamps, etc.

- SOLID STATE CONTROLS: Maintain and repair solid state, microprocessor type controllers including a significant amount of bench-work in diagnosing problems and failures.

- STOCK & INVENTORY:  Any handling of stock or inventory, putting up orders; delivering materials, tools and equipment to the job, and returning stock and equipment to the shop; repair of tools and equipment, at shop or job.


Selection Process

The selection process will consist of an evaluation of the applicant's training and experience based on the application and responses to the Job-Specific Questions. Only the candidates whose backgrounds best match the position will be invited to proceed in the selection process.   Additional phases of the selection process will consist of one or more interviewsone of which may include a practical/writing exercise.


You MUST answer all job-specific questions in order to be considered for this vacancy or your application will be deemed incomplete and withheld from further consideration. A resume is highly recommended. 


- A multiple-choice, written examination covering general Electrical Codes, Electronics, Electricity, Safety, Electrical Theory, Tools and Materials, Operation and Maintenance, Blueprints, Testing Equipment/Instruments and Techniques of the trade, will be administered. Testing will be conducted when a sufficient number of applications have been received from qualified candidates. Candidates will be given one to two weeks advance notice of the written examination date(s). 


- Applicants who successfully complete the written examination will be invited to a practical examination. The practical exam has two components: an electrical diagram exercise and the construction of an electrical control project. The practical examination will include completing 3 schematic drawings (line diagrams) and constructing and completing an electrical project which will be used to rate your skill in following written directions, conduit bending, knowledge of code compliance and ability to wire various types of control circuits and devices. Candidates will be given one to two weeks advance notice of the practical examination date(s).


If you have questions about the duties of these positions, the selection or hiring processes, please contact Courtney Phommachack (408) 975-1450 or


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