San Pablo

PT Police Cadet

Non-benefited/Part Time
Law Enforcement
East Bay
until 15 applicants
$13.90-$16.89 Hourly


13831 San Pablo Ave. San Pablo, 94608



To perform a variety of routine non-sworn duties under direct supervision. Duties are performed on a rotational basis through various divisions of the Police Department in an apprenticeship program framework in preparation for a law enforcement career. Police Cadets will be provided with the opportunity to pursue a law enforcement career by applying for a sworn or civilian position. He/she may be appointed to Police Trainee to attend the police academy with a formal training program or they may be given the opportunity to pursue a civilian position such as; Dispatcher, Jailer, Police Services Technician or Records/Services.


General direction is provided by the Chief of Police.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES - Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Under direct supervision, a Police Cadet performs tasks in various divisions of the Police Department in conjunction with a formal training matrix program designed for career advancement into the law enforcement field; performs related work as assigned.
  • Perform clerical duties; keep records, enter information into computer systems; answer the telephone and provide information and directions to the general public.
  • Process information and prepare reports as assigned; submit completed reporton all cases assigned; prepare a variety of correspondence, and statistical and narrative reports; research and analyze information.
  • Learn to interpret and apply City law enforcement policies and procedures including Police Department policy manual, and related state and federal laws.
  • Learn standard broadcasting procedures of a police radio system.
  • Effectively communicate both orally and in writing; establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with department personnel and city personnel.
  • Exercise good judgment and demonstrate initiative in the performance of work.
  • Meet the physical requirements of the position.
  • Participate in formalized training courses and programs.
  • Assist in processing and storing evidence, storage inventory and control of department supplies.
  • Assist with parking enforcement and traffic control and DUI check points.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with the public using principles of good customer service.
  • Understand basic arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and calculation of percentages.
  • Modern office equipment, methods, procedures, and computer hardware and software.
  • Participate in the Ride-Along program at a minimum of once amonth; to include a written after action report.
  • On a continuous basis, know and understand aspects of all police employee’s jobs; intermittently analyze work papers, reports and special projects; remember accounts given by witnesses and suspects; interpret and apply the law to field situations; problem solve crime situations; and explain law to the public.
  • The cadet will be responsible for adhering to all San Pablo Police Department rules, regulations, policies and procedures including but not limited to the Department Orders, Rules of Conduct, directives, and direct orders given by superiors. Cadets will be responsible for adhering to all applicable State and Federal laws including but not limited to the Penal, Vehicle, and Health and Safety Laws. Cadets will be responsible for knowing the Use of Force policy, Driving policy, Uniform and Grooming policy, Professional Standards policy and Ride-A-Long policy.
  • All positions may be required to work holidays, evenings, weekends, shift work, or varied schedule.

Ideal Candidate


All applicants must be at least 18 years of age at time of appointment; must be able to perform essential job functions of the position. Must possess a valid California C Driver’s License and have a satisfactory driving record. Applicants must be free of any felony convictions. Must be a United States citizen or resident alien who has applied for citizenship by date of appointment.


Applicants must have a High School Diploma or the equivalent of completion of the (12th) grade. Cadets shall complete a minimum of six semester units of college course work per semester with a minimum of twelve units completed yearly. If attending a school which operates by the quarter system a minimum of twelve units must be completed yearly. Police Cadets are required to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 ("C" grade) for all courses taken.

If the Police Cadet elects to continue towards completion of a Bachelor’s Degree, the Police Cadet may continue in the program until he or she has reached their 24th birthday. If the Police Cadet, prior to reaching their 24th birthday, fails to maintain a 2.0 minimum grade point average, discontinues education, drops below the required minimum number of units, or fails to be appointed as Police Trainee or Police employee, the Police Cadet will be released from employment. Police Cadets who complete a Bachelor’s Degree may remain in the program until their 24th birthday.


The work requires a combination of the following physical requirements depending upon a given task, on a given day: 3 to 6 hours of sitting and walking; up to 3 hours of standing, bending, couching, stooping, kneeling, crawling, climbing, balancing, running, twisting, turning, jumping, firm grasping,, reaching forward or overhead, pinching, eyehand-foot coordination, verbal contact and telephone conversations; up to 3 hours of lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling up to and over 100 lbs.; 3 to 6 hours of face-to-face talking, public speaking, conversations, finger dexterity, light grasping; 3 to 8 hours of vision accuracy (far and near), depth perception, field of vision, accommodation, and color vision.

Cadets will be required to maintain a standard of physical fitness which will require them to be able to complete the following physical tests:

  1. Run one mile in 15 minutes
  2. Complete 30 sit-ups in two minutes
  3. Complete 15 push-ups in two minutes

These test goals must be attained no later than six months after being appointed to the Police Cadet position. If the Police Cadet is not successful in accomplishing these tests he/she will be released from employment.


The work requires a combination of the following mental requirements depending upon a given task, on a given day: abstract variables; interpreting, taking, comprehending, and following instructions; standard problems; detailed uninvolved instructions; one ortwo-step instructions; simple reading, writing, and math skills, clerical; operating; driving.


Work is performed indoors and outdoors; extreme hot and cold; unprotected heights; moving machinery; change in temperature humidity; dust/fumes/smoke/gases; toxic/ caustic chemicals; excessive noise; radiation/electrical energy; solvents, grease, or oil; slippery uneven surfaces; using a computer and other office equipment; working alone; working around or with others; protective clothing required.


 This is a non-benefited/part time position.

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