Firefighter I with Paramedic License (20019801)

Central Valley
8/7/2020 at 5pm or until 99999 applicants
$3,722.00-$4,524.00 Monthly

Please review the special instructions before applying for this job opportunity.


601 West Avenue Sanger, 93657



Under supervision on an assigned shift to extinguish fires and to participate in fire prevention activities in protecting life and property; respond to emergencies and administer advanced life support to sick or injured persons within the scope of Paramedic licensure and accreditation; operate and maintain fire trucks, ambulances, firefighting and rescue equipment; station maintenance and training activities in support of overall Department objectives and performs related responsibilities as required.


This is the journey level in the Firefighting series which requires prior training and experience in fire service.  Incumbents perform advanced life support techniques and maintain Paramedic licensure as well as the full range of fire suppression and fire prevention activities and possession of a State of California Firefighter I Certificate.  Duties are performed under emergency conditions frequently involving considerable hazards.   


  • Responds to fires, emergency rescues, medical-aid alarms, ambulance and public service calls.
  • Perform with firefighting team under direction of scene commander; connect and lay hose lines; enter burning buildings and other areas with hose lines; operate nozzle and direct water stream; operate fire extinguishers; operate and climb ladders; perform forcible entry when necessary and ventilates buildings.
  • Perform rescue operations and assist in emergency care of sick and injured persons, provide appropriate advanced life support treatment as per local, state and federal protocols.
  • Perform overhauling, salvage and clean-up operations.
  • Assure compliance of all policies, procedures, processes and protocols of the Sanger Municipal Code; rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures, of the Sanger Fire Department; and of the Central California EMS Agency policies and procedures.
  • Inspect, clean and service firefighting equipment and vehicles; conduct fire hydrant maintenance and flow tests; maintain clean and orderly conditions in and around fire station.
  • Operate motor driven equipment, ambulances, automobiles and apparatus.
  • Inspect public and commercial buildings for fire prevention purposes; identify code and ordinance violations and potential firefighting problems; report violations to appropriate supervisor.
  • Participate in a variety of job-related drills and training activities.
  • Maintain and submit records and report of inspections, training, work activities and others as required.
  • Participate in other Department programs and projects such as community education and weed abatement.
  • When available and necessary, may be required to respond to emergency calls during off-duty hours.
  • And other related duties as required.


Knowledge of:

  • Geography of local area.
  • Appropriate methods of patient care utilized within the Paramedic scope of practice.
  • Standard firefighting operations, procedures, equipment and safety precautions.
  • Federal, state and governmental agency laws and regulations pertaining to fire and emergency services.

 Ability to:

  • Learn city streets and addresses.
  • Learn the location of hydrants, mains, and major traffic and fire hazards.
  • Maintain and service firefighting apparatus and equipment.
  • Maintain physical fitness at a level sufficient to meet departmental and job requirements.
  • Maintain accurate and orderly records.
  • Communicate effectively in written and verbal form
  • Follow verbal and written instructions.   
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and general public.
  • Analyze emergency driving situations and adopt effective course of action.
  • Think and act quickly in emergency situations.
  • Learn and maintain proficiency in EMT Paramedic practices and techniques.
  •  Bilingual fluency in Spanish and Asian Languages is highly desired.
  • Maintain proficiency in advanced life support practices and techniques.
  • Understand and act in accordance with department policies, rules and regulations.
  • Drive an ambulance safely and skillfully in accordance with traffic laws and ordinances.
  • Treat all co-responders, patients, patient’s families and the public with respect and professionalism.



  • Equivalent to a G.E.D. or a high school diploma.
  • College level Fire Science courses are highly desirable.
  • Possession of a California State Board of Fire Services Fire Fighter I Certificate (FF-1) or completion of an approved Basic Fire Fighter I Academy

License Required:

  • Possession and maintenance of a Valid California Class C Driver’s License.
  • Possession and maintenance of a valid BLS Healthcare Provider Card.
  • Possession and maintenance of a valid Emergency Medical Paramedic license with Central California EMS accreditation for a minimum of six months prior to hire.
  • Possession and maintenance of a valid ACLS and PALS certificate.
  • Current copy of California Department of Motor Vehicles driving record.


  • See well enough to read small print, gauges, and instruments and distinguish shades of color.
  • Sense of smell to detect smoke and unusual odors.
  • Mobility to kneel, crouch, bend and climb ladders.
  • Dexterity to use small tools.
  • Strength to lift and carry equipment weighing up to two hundred (200) pounds with assistance.
  • Stamina to perform strenuous labor for long periods of time and work under stressful and emergency situations.
  • Work variable hours or 48 hour shifts on weekdays, weekends and holidays.
  • Work under adverse or hazardous conditions, with proper safety equipment, in heat, cold, dampness, fog, heights, dust, noise and odors.
  • Maintain a clean, neat appearance and wear a uniform.


Health Plan for employee and family

Tuition reimbursement program.

Special educational or training certifications pay (maximum 15%)

Paramedic incentive - 11% of base pay

Bilingual Pay - 5% of base pay

Longevity Pay - 2.5% at 10 years, additional 2.5% at 15 years

3% at 55 CalPERS plan for Classic members

2.7% at 57 CalPERS plan for New members

Special Instructions

 A copy of the applicant’s current Department of Motor Vehicles driving record and copies of required licenses must be submitted with application.


Recruitment Contact

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