Union City

Police Officer Recruit II (17282151)

Law Enforcement
East Bay
Continuous or until 400 applicants
$6,008.00-$0.00 Monthly


34009 Alvarado-Niles Road Union City, 94587


Under immediate, then as proficiency increases, general supervision of a Field Training Officer, Police Officer or higher ranking official, incumbents in this classification perform and document varied law enforcement assignments through working assigned shifts in patrol or on specialty assignments and participating in training; perform related work as required.


The duties presented represent a sampling of the work performed; they should not be construed as representing a detailed description of all of the duties performed by a Police Recruit II.


  • Respond to emergency calls; administer first aide.

  • Investigate reported crimes, suspicious activity, and traffic accidents.

  • Investigate unattended deaths.

  • Conduct the collection and preservation of evidence at crime scenes.

  • Patrol assigned sectors in a marked vehicle to provide preventive and enforcement action.

  • Assist citizens in distress and provide information regarding police function/operations.

  • Quell domestic disturbances and other disputes.

  • Initiate suspicious person contacts and conduct field interrogations.

  • Locate and apprehend persons for violations of statutes; arrange for booking, detention, and disposition of arrestees.

  • Provide crowd, riot, and traffic control.

  • Write reports which are accurate, clear, and concise.

  • Testify in court.

  • Respond to citizen inquiries and complaints both in an office environment and while on patrol.


  • Perform selective enforcement of traffic violations at identified problem areas; use LIDAR, or other designated equipment.

  • Conduct post storage hearings on towed vehicles and review complaints related to towing company activities.

  • Author collision reports.

  • Conduct investigations for hit and run, injury, and fatal accidents including accident reconstruction.

  • Plan, coordinate, and supervise special event traffic control.

  • Advise and consult with City personnel on traffic issues.

  • Present lectures and discussions to students, individuals, or members of the community as directed.

  • Conduct training for officers on changes in traffic law and reporting techniques.

  • Conduct inspections of commercial vehicles for safety, weight, size, and load violations.

School Resource:

  • Investigate and apprehend persons who commit crimes on campus.

  • Monitor gang activity as it related to criminal activity both on and off campus.

  • Monitor bus stop and other campus areas where potential or ongoing problems exist.

  • Act as the liaison between school staff and police department.

  • Conduct formal presentations for students and staff; engage in informal discussions of law enforcement with students and staff.

  • Coordinate and supervise security at school activities. Refer students to appropriate agencies for assistance.

  • Make home visits to truants; counsel students on minor law infractions.


  • Investigate aggravated, serial, or major crimes; follow up on cases initiated by Patrol.

  • Develop leads through informants, police sources, citizens, and/or evidence.

  • Interview witnesses; interrogate suspects.

  • Collect, preserve, and arrange for proper identification of evidence.

  • Prepare and serve search and arrest warrants; conduct search and seizure assignments.

  • Review reports for trends; identify suspects and crime patterns.

  • Work with the District Attorney in reviewing and preparing cases for court.

Ideal Candidate


Knowledge Of:

Laws, ordinances, codes, and court decisions related to law enforcement; City and departmental policies and procedures; departmental orders and directives; social behavior; firearm safety and use; occupational hazards and safety; the English language including punctuation, spelling, and grammar; report writing; business math; problem solving techniques; intra/extra agency resources.

Ability To:

  • Speak English clearly in person, over the radio, and on the telephone; convey instructions in a precise, firm, authoritative manner.
  • Read, understand and interpret to others laws, ordinances, general and special orders, training bulletins, court decisions, and department directives, policies, and procedures; explain law enforcement activities to the general public.
  • Exercise tact, self-restraint, and good judgement in working with a variety of people including agency personnel as well as the general public.
  • Control groups of people in stressful situations.
  • Use defensive equipment; enforce laws in a fair and impartial manner; conduct information gathering interviews.
  • Put people at ease to gain their confidence and cooperation; deal effectively with people suffering from mental illnesses or in various emotional states (e.g. anger, hostility, humiliation); persuade individuals to follow an alternative course of action.
  • Pursue suspects over widely varying terrain; locate and apprehend suspects; physically perform the duties of the job while wearing full uniform and equipment.
  • Work various shifts; irregular hours, holidays, and weekends; handle stress and hazardous situations.
  • Complete other police related assignments associated with the classification as directed.


  • Have a valid P.O.S.T certified basic police academy certification or recertification

  • Age, not less than 21 years at time of appointment

  • Must be free of felony convictions

  • Possess a valid driver’s license

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Successfully pass a background investigation

  • Prior use of controlled substances may be grounds for disqualification

  • Vision 20/30 corrected visual acuity (both eyes) or 20/80 uncorrected visual acuity (both eyes) for those wearing spectacles or hard contact lenses.

  • In accordance with Government Code Section 1031 and 1031.5, to be appointed as a peace officer in California, you must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship. Citizenship status must be conferred within three years of applying for citizenship

  • College level coursework relevant to the knowledge and abilities listed above is desired


• Classic Employees—3% @ 55 PERS, 3-year final average compensation.
• New Employees—2.7% @ 57 benefit, 3-year final average compensation.
• Required PERS contributions vary by plan. All required contributions are tax deferred.
  There are no Social Security deductions (except 1.45% Medicare.)
• Educational incentives amounting up to 7.5 % of your salary.
• The City provides the employee up to $2,000/month to purchase medical, dental, and
   vision insurance.
• Fully paid disability insurance.
• $50,000 City paid life and AD&D Insurance.
• $1,025 annual uniform allowance paid over 26 pay periods.
• 116 holiday hours per year—79 hours paid over 26 pay periods and the remaining 37
   hours are credited to the holiday time bank on July 1st of each year.
• 80 vacation hours increasing to a maximum of 200 hours per year.
• Time and one half overtime with option of pay or future time off.
• 6.67 hours sick leave per month.
• Retiree medical benefit.
• Bilingual pay.
• All safety equipment provided which includes a Glock .40 cal semi-automatic pistol and protective vest.

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