Yuba County

Community Services Officer (20186367)

Law Enforcement
Northern California Inland
12/13/2021 at 5pm
$3,941.00-$4,336.00 Monthly

Please review the special instructions before applying for this job opportunity.


720 Yuba Street Marysville, 95901


The County of Yuba is recruiting to fill the position of  Community Services Officer.  Community Services Officers relieve sworn deputy sheriffs of non-hazardous police-related duties such as calls for service, criminal investigation support, crime scene processing and report writing.  They act as a liaison between the Sheriff's Department and the public to promote positive public relations for the department.  Community Services Officers also establish public contacts to aid in crime prevention, community-based activities, and perform related work as assigned.  We are seeking dedicated, public service minded individuals to join our team in this position.

Examples of Duties

  • Relieve sworn sheriff deputies by handling time-consuming, non‑hazardous calls including: the preparation of check and fraud cases; providing traffic and/or crowd control for accidents, parades and other special functions; assisting with routine traffic matters; assisting in the location of missing juveniles and adults.         
  • Coordinate and maintain community crime prevention activities (i.e. Neighborhood Watch Program); act as a liaison between the Sheriff’s Department and the general public in regards to crime prevention activities; promote and maintain positive public contacts and relations to ensure the community remains a vital part of crime prevention; make public presentations to the community and various groups about crime trends and techniques for preventing crime; provide training to community businesses, schools, residents and other governmental agencies on home safety, school safety, drug and gang recognition/prevention, internet safety, senior fraud, identity theft, vehicle burglary/theft prevention and other crime prevention activities.   
  • Perform follow-up coroner’s casework including, making autopsy arrangements, contacting the physician(s) and making a determination as to certifying the cause of death, contacting family or next-of-kin, safeguarding and releasing property.
  • See job description for all Essential Job Duties.

About the Sheriff’s Department

The Yuba County Sheriff's Office is comprised of multiple functions within the Operations Division including Valley and Foothill Patrol, Investigations, Narcotics Task Force, Gang Enforcement, Marijuana Eradication Team, Coroner, Crime Prevention, Crisis Negotiation Team, SWAT, Canine Program, Field Training Officer, Aero Squadron, and Marine Enforcement. The department is committed to working in partnership with the community to identify and resolve public safety and quality of live issues, consistent with it’s core values. The Sheriff's Office provides a full range of services to an estimated population of about 70,000.  The Sheriff’s Department is located in the City of Marysville with a substation in Brownsville.

Ideal Candidate

Ideal Candidate

The incumbent must be self-motivated,  highly organized, accountable, and possess the ability to learn and adapt in a fast-pace, multi-tasking environment.  The ideal candidate will be a team player with the ability to efficiently work independently.  Provide excellent customer service to both internal and external customers and maintain flexibility for shiftwork as compulsory to the departments needs. 


MINIMUM: Graduation from high school and two (2) years of related administrative experience requiring frequent public contact and the interpretation of codes, rules and regulations equivalent to the County’s class of Sheriff’s Records Clerk or Evidence Technician.

PREFERRED: In addition to the minimum, possession of an Associate’s Degree with major course work in administration of justice, criminal justice, law enforcement or a field related to the work and possession of a P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate and up to four (4) years of responsible administrative experience in a public safety agency.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Minimally qualified applicants are required to submit a background packet (Personal History Statement) upon request to the Sheriff’s Department for pre-review. Must successfully complete a detailed background investigation with a fingerprint check prior to hire, and pass a medical and psychological exam.  DMV printout prior to hire.  Work off-hours, night, weekend and/or holiday shifts and required to perform disaster service activities pursuant to Government Code 3100-3109.


MERIT INCREASE: Typically 5% each year for the first 7 years

EDUCATIONAL/P.O.S.T. INCENTIVE PROGRAM: Employees within specified areas are eligible for incentive pay as follows (For complete details, refer to section 19.05 of the DSA contract.) :

- Associate's Degree: $135 per month

- Bachelor's Degree: $270.00 per month

- Employees with an Intermediate P.O.S.T. Certificate receive $75.00 per month

- Employees with an Advanced P.O.S.T. Certificate receive $125.00 per month

RETIREMENT: Miscellaneous Classifications

Classic: 2% @55

New: 2% @ 62 (1/1/13 CalPERS pension Reform)

VACATION: 12 days for first 5 yrs with incremental increases every 5 yrs thereafter, up to 20 yrs

HOLIDAYS: An average of 14 paid holidays per year (this includes 2 floating holidays)

SICK LEAVE: Accrued every payroll period, up to 12 days per yr

HEALTH: The County pays 90% of the Basic Plan Premium for employee only or 70% for employee and eligible dependent(s)

DENTAL/VISION: The County pays 100% of the Basic Plan premium for employee only or 80% for employee and eligible dependent(s)

LIFE INSURANCE: County provides $50,000 in life insurance coverage. Employees may purchase additional coverage for themselves and dependents.

DEFERRED COMP: One Voluntary Deferred Compensation plan is available


Effective 07/01/2020, the County will provide the following deferred compensation plan match to all represented DSA employees with open 457 deferred compensation accounts:

• Beginning with the pay period following completion of 2 years of service, the County will match up to $35/mo or if a biweekly pay cycle $16.15 per pay period (26x/year)

• Beginning with the pay period following completion of 5 years of service, the County will match up to $85/mo or if a biweekly pay cycle $39.23 per pay period (26x/year)

• Beginning with the pay period following completion of 10 years of service, the County will match up to $170/mo or if a biweekly pay cycle $78.46 per pay period (26x/year)

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: County paid confidential counseling program for up to 5 visits per incident per eligible family member.

SOCIAL SECURITY: Yuba County does not participate in the Social Security Program

MEDICARE: Yuba County does participate in the Medicare Program. Current EE & ER share is 1.45%

DISABILITY INSURANCE: Optional plans may be available through DSA membership

MISCELLANEOUS: For a specific job classification and/or specific department/location benefits, please reference the Memorandum of Understanding by visiting: 


UNION AFFILIATION: Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA)


Special Instructions

FINAL FILING DEADLINE:  Monday, December 13, 2021 at 5:00 PM 

Due to the coronavirus affecting the county’s ability to safely conduct selection procedures such as, but not limited to: Qualifications Appraisal Panels, Speed Interviews, Written Exams, Departmental Interviews, etc. the Personnel Director may provide direction to postpone or change selection procedures, extend recruitments and/or cancel and pause recruitments as deemed necessary. The Human Resources department is working with departments to provide support to fill critical positions. 


An official Yuba County employment application must be submitted by final filing deadline. Applications must  copies of valid license(s), certificate(s) and college transcripts and/or diploma. Incomplete applications may be disqualified from further consideration.


ONLINE APPLICATION:   Applications may be submitted online through CalOpps. Click on the Apply for Job button above to complete the Yuba County employment application.


HARD COPY APPLICATION: You may access a hard copy of the Yuba County employment application and Supplemental Questionnaire by visiting our website at http://www.yuba.org. Our applications are available in a Microsoft Word format or fillable PDF, or you may pick up these materials in our office located 915 8th Street, Suite 113, Marysville, CA 95901. Hard copies of applications can be submitted to our office in person, by U.S. Mail or by fax at 530-749-7864. Applications must be received by the final filing deadline; postmarks or applications received after the final filing deadline will not be accepted.

All applicants will be given written notice regarding the status of their application and selection procedures. The County prefers to communicate via email, if provided, to expedite communication. It is also recommended that applicants review their SPAM mail daily as to not miss any important communication from the County. Communications are sent from two mail servers; Yuba@CalOpps.org and @co.yuba.ca.us.

Applicants are responsible for notifying the County of any changes to their contact information, including but not limited to e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, primary and secondary telephone numbers.

Applicants must provide the following documents with their application by the filing deadline:

  • Completed Yuba County Employment Application (Online or Hard Copy)
  • Any Diplomas and Unofficial Transcripts
  • Copies of Certifications


The minimum and preferred requirements are listed above. While the following requirements outline the minimum qualifications, Human Resources reserves the right to select applicants for further consideration who demonstrate the best qualifications match for the job. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee further participation in selection procedures.


The recruitment process involves multiple steps which may include but are not limited to:

  • One-Way Video Interview Screening
  • Written Exams
  • Department Interviews

(Please note: The entire recruitment process from recruitment opening date to start date could take 6 – 12 weeks for successful candidates).


One-way interview screenings may be used as an extension of the application process as a secondary method of screening large applicant pools or as an oral examination. A panel may be comprised of one individual, typically the hiring authority, or a small group of subject matter experts. The goal of a one-way interview is to simulate an actual in-person interview environment.  If one-way video interviewing is utilized in the recruitment process, applicants are provided detailed information including instructions, interview practice options and 24 hour direct support from the County's vendor, Spark Hire.


Applicants who have successfully met the minimum qualifications and completed any screening processes may be invited to participate in a Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) Exam  and must obtain a passing score to continue to the next phase of the recruitment process. The CPS Exam may potentially be administered online using County computers.


All applicants that successfully complete the examination process and are certified to the employment list, will be notified and must submit a complete Personal History Statement to the Probation/Sheriff Department at the time of interview. A review of the PHS will be conducted for each candidate to determine which candidates best meet the professional standard criteria adopted by the Department.


If special accommodations are required at any stage of the selection process, complete the Request for Reasonable Accommodation in Employment Examination Process Form and provide the required documentation by the final filing deadline. The form can be obtained at Reasonable Accommodation Form or by contacting Human Resources at 530-749-7860.


All applicants who have successfully completed the application/selection procedures and examination process may be eligible for veteran’s credit. Applicants must have served on active duty for a period of not less than 90 days in the armed forces in time of war or national emergency, or in time of peace in a campaign or expedition for service in which a medal has been authorized by the government of the United States and who has been discharged or released under honorable conditions, and widows of such persons shall be allowed credit. Military Records Form DD214 must be submitted for further review and determination of appropriate credits.


When selection procedures have been publicly announced and the number of applicants meeting the minimum qualifications for the position is five or less, the Human Resources Director may, at her/his discretion; a) Waive the competition entirely and submit the names of the applicants meeting the minimum qualifications to the appointing department, b) Revise the conditions of competition to a more practical basis under the circumstances.


An employment eligibility list is established for those applicants who successfully pass all phases of the examination process. This list will be held for a minimum of six (6) months from the date the list is certified. For each vacancy the top five (5) ranks on the list will be certified to the department for final selection, which will include a departmental interview.


The Sheriff's department will notify the applicant of the date and time of his/her interview. The applicant will be asked a series of questions about his/herself and his/her related experience, education and training that exhibit the knowledge, skills and abilities essential to the job. The applicant may also be asked questions about hypothetical situations to test his/her ability to make decisions and use sound judgment and common sense.

Recruitment Contact

Contact phone: 
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