Yuba County

Communications Manager (20280019)

Public Safety Dispatch
Northern California Inland
8/22/2022 at 5pm
$7,041.00-$9,154.00 Monthly

Please review the special instructions before applying for this job opportunity.


720 Yuba Street Marysville, 95901


Yuba County is currently recruiting for the position of Communications Manager in the Sheriff’s Department. Under general direction, manage, supervise, plan and organize the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s 911 Communication Center and the Sheriff’s Records Unit; oversee the training of dispatch and records staff; provides technical expertise;; ensure work quality and adherence to established policies and procedures; manage multiple databases; serve as liaison to other county departments, law enforcement agencies, state and federal agencies; and perform related work as assigned.


Example Of Duties:

¨ Manage and direct the work within the Sheriff’s 911 Communication Center, which is a 24/7 operation involving multi-agency dispatching, and the Sheriff’s Records Unit.

¨ Coordinate the installation, upgrading, maintenance, operation and staff training for all computer-aided dispatch (CAD) hardware and software, Records Management Systems (RMS) software and hardware; coordinate upgrades and maintenance issues involving the CAD, RMS and radio systems; assist with the management of technology systems related to CAD, RMS and communication systems.

¨ Train staff as to proper procedures for handling 911 emergency calls and non-emergency calls for service; explain proper methods for dispatching and referring law enforcement, fire and medical aid calls .

¨ Oversee the legal processing and dissemination of public records (i.e. incident reports, booking, 911 call data and recordings and criminal history records); retrieve and disseminate records information to department staff, outside law enforcement agencies and the public in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

¨ Supervise, assign, plan, review and evaluate the work of public safety dispatchers and administrative staff responsible for the preparation, processing, maintenance and retrieval of law enforcement records; implement department policies, procedures and service standards in support of County and Sheriff Department initiatives; evaluate individual job performance; provide direction and coaching, through regular feedback sessions, create individual development plans with employees; discuss job performance problems to identify causes and issues, and to work on resolving problems; recommend discipline and implement discipline procedures as needed/directed.


Ideal Candidate

The successful candidate will possess strong management skills with the ability to lead a department that is collaborative, responsive and innovative.  The incumbent must be self motivated, accountable and possess the ability to lead, teach and adapt in a fast-pace, multi-tasking environment, and effectively manage multiple communication projects simultaneously. The capability to stay calm and exercise good judgement while making sounds decisions in a variety of conditions, including emergency or potential crisis situations is vital for successful job performance.


Required Qualifications:

Minimum: Equivalent to completion of an Associate’s Degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in criminal justice or a related field, and five years of communications experience in a law enforcement, fire, communications dispatch or related field, including two years of supervisory experience. Candidates with strong experience who lack the degree are encouraged to apply.

Preferred: In addition to the above minimum requirements, completion of management or supervisory coursework, progressively responsible experience in law enforcement records management, and additional years of supervisory or lead experience in a California safety communications agency.

Licenses & Certifications: The ability to obtain a valid California Class C driver's license within ten (10) days of employment; maintain throughout employment. Ability to possess a valid P.O.S.T. 120 hour Basic Complaint/ Dispatcher course certificate.

Special Requirements: Must successfully complete an extensive and thorough background investigation which will include psychological evaluation and Live Scan fingerprinting prior to hire. DMV printout prior to hire. Must file statements of economic interest with the Yuba County Clerk/Recorder. Will be required to perform disaster service activities pursuant to Government Code 3100-3109.



MERIT INCREASE:  Typically 5% each year for the first 7 years.


Miscellaneous Classic = 2% @ 55

Miscellaneous New = 2% @ 62

For more information about CalPERS Pension, please click on this link

VACATION:  12 days for first 5 yrs with incremental increases every 5 yrs thereafter, up to 20 years.

HOLIDAYS:  An average of 12 paid holidays per year.

FLOATING HOLIDAYS:  Employees receive up to 16 hours per year.

SICK LEAVE: Accrued each payroll period, up to 12 days per year.

MANAGEMENT LEAVE:  Employees receive 56 hours of management leave annually. This leave is pro-rated based on start date and must be utilized by the end of the fiscal year.

Medical: The County's total monthly contribution shall be as follows: Up to $902 for employee only; Up to $1,391 for employee plus one dependent; Up to $1,801 for employee plus more than one dependent. Health Waiver Opt-out of $250/monthly available with proof of other employer sponsored health care coverage.

DENTAL/VISION INSURANCE:  The County pays 100% of the Basic plan premiums for employee or 80% for employee and eligible dependent(s). Requires participation in Health Insurance benefits.

LIFE INSURANCE:  The County provides a $50,000 life insurance policy to employees  in this unit.  An additional $50,000 in coverage is funded by the employee's contribution to the STD program. A total of $100,000 in coverage.   Employees may purchase supplemental coverage for themselves and dependents.

SOCIAL SECURITY: Yuba County does not participate in the Social Security Program

SHORT TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE:  Employees in this group do NOT participate in SDI.

DISABILITY INSURANCE: The County provides a self-funded disability insurance in-lieu of SDI. Disability rates are paid at 75% of salary up to the current maximum weekly rate established by the State SDI program for up to a maximum of 90 days while on leave for a limited or total disability. The employee withholding rate is 1.1% of taxable wages with a maximum of $1,601.60 on wages up to $145,600 /annually for the 2022 year. Rates follow State SDI withholding and are established every calendar year. The 1.1% contribution funds a fully insured LTD policy.

MANAGEMENT ANNUAL ALLOWANCE: Unrepresented Department Heads, Assistants and Deputy Department Heads will receive an annual allowance of $500 and Mid Managers will receive $400 annually.

DEFERRED COMPENSATION:   One Voluntary Deferred Compensation plan is available.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  County paid confidential counseling program for up to 5 visits per incident per eligible family member.


Special Instructions


Due to the coronavirus affecting the county’s ability to safely conduct selection procedures such as, but not limited to: Qualifications Appraisal Panels, Speed Interviews, Written Exams, Departmental Interviews, etc. the Personnel Director may provide direction to postpone or change selection procedures, extend recruitments and/or cancel and pause recruitments as deemed necessary. The Human Resources department is working with departments to provide support to fill critical positions. 



An official Yuba County employment application must be submitted by final filing deadline. Applications must include supplemental questionnaire, copies of valid license(s), certificate(s) and college transcripts and/or diploma. Incomplete applications may be disqualified from further consideration.



ONLINE APPLICATION:  Applications may be submitted online through CalOpps. Click on the Apply for Job button above to complete the Yuba County employment application.


HARD COPY APPLICATION: You may access a hard copy of the Yuba County employment application by visiting our website at http://www.yuba.org. Our applications are available in a Microsoft Word format or fillable PDF, or you may pick up these materials in our office located 915 8th Street, Suite 113, Marysville, CA 95901. Hard copies of applications can be submitted to our office in person, by U.S. Mail or by fax at 530-749-7864. Applications must be received by the final filing deadline; postmarks or applications received after the final filing deadline will not be accepted.


All applicants will be given written notice regarding the status of their application and selection procedures. The County prefers to communicate via email, if provided, to expedite communication. It is also recommended that applicants review their SPAM mail daily as to not miss any important communication from the County. Communications are sent from two mail servers; Yuba@CalOpps.org and @co.yuba.ca.us.


Applicants are responsible for notifying the County of any changes to their contact information, including but not limited to e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, primary and secondary telephone numbers.


(Note: All diplomas or degrees must be from an accredited college or university. To obtain information regarding accreditation, refer to the US Department of Education Office of Post Secondary Education at: http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/search.aspx)


Applicants must provide the following documents with their application by the filing deadline:

  • Completed Yuba County Employment Application (Online or Hard Copy)
  • Any Diplomas and Unofficial Transcripts
  • Copies of Related Certifications / Trainings (Including California P.O.S.T.)



The minimum and preferred requirements are listed above. While the following requirements outline the minimum qualifications, Human Resources reserves the right to select applicants for further consideration who demonstrate the best qualifications match for the job. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee further participation in selection procedures.



The recruitment process involves multiple steps which may include but are not limited to:

  • Interview Screening
  • Personal History Statement (Pre-Review)
  • Department Interviews

(Please note: The entire recruitment process from recruitment opening date to start date could take 10 to 12 weeks for successful candidates).



Interview screening is an extension of the application process.  Used as a secondary a method of screening large applicant pools.  



All applicants that meet the position qualifications and are certified to the employment list, will be notified and must submit a complete Personal History Statement directly to the Yuba County Sheriff Department upon request. A review of the PHS will be conducted for each candidate to determine which candidates best meet the professional standard criteria adopted by the Department.



When selection procedures have been publicly announced and the number of applicants meeting the minimum qualifications for the position is five or less, the Human Resources Director may, at her/his discretion; a) Waive the competition entirely and submit the names of the applicants meeting the minimum qualifications to the appointing department, b) Revise the conditions of competition to a more practical basis under the circumstances.



An employment eligibility list is established for those applicants who successfully pass all phases of the examination process. This list will be held for a minimum of six (6) months from the date the list is certified. For each vacancy the top five (5) ranks on the list will be certified to the department for final selection, which will include a departmental interview.



The Yuba County Sheriff Department will notify the applicant of the date and time of his/her interview. The applicant will be asked a series of questions about his/herself and his/her related experience, education and training that exhibit the knowledge, skills and abilities essential to the job. The applicant may also be asked questions about hypothetical situations to test his/her ability to make decisions and use sound judgment and common sense.

Recruitment Contact

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