Preschool Site Coordinator (20496835)

San Francisco/Peninsula
Until filled
$27.69-$34.30 Hourly


Village Park Preschool Program

Village Park Preschool is a play-based preschool program offered by the City of Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department. We offer 5 programs: Lil’ Sprouts (2 year olds), Cottage Kids (3 year olds), Playschool Villagers (3 year olds), Afternoon Owls (3 year olds), and Camp Treehouse (3-4 year olds).  The emphasis of the program is physical, social, and emotional growth in a child-centered environment. Activities are designed to foster a healthy child that develops an early love of learning. Village Park Preschool programs strive to create an environment inspiring each child’s individual creativity and self-expression. Children participate in arts/crafts, music, body movement, basic science, cognitive games, creative/dramatic play, cooking, circle and story time, fine and gross motor skill building, and phonics awareness.

Definition: Preschool Site Coordinator

The City of Burlingame is looking for an enthusiastic, organized, creative, and responsible Preschool Site Coordinator. Under direction of a Recreation Supervisor, the Preschool Site Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Village Park Preschool ensuring a safe, nurturing, and educational environment for children. This role involves managing staff, coordinating programs, communicating with parents, and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Essential Duties

  • Program Oversite
    • Coordinate with teachers and staff to ensure lesson plans, schedules, and classroom activities align with educational standards and goals.
    • Monitor and assess the effectiveness of programs and make adjustments as needed to meet the needs of children and families.
    • Manage supply lists and shop for required materials.
    • Develop, implement, and oversee age-appropriate curriculum and activities that promote children's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.
    • Lead a variety of activities including, but not limited to, arts and crafts, organized games, story time, music/singing activities, science, cooking, early writing skills, and interactive circle time.
    • Develop and plan activities for preschool summer camp
    • Change diapers and support toilet training.
  • Staff Management 
    • Train and supervise teaching staff.
    • Provide ongoing support, guidance, and professional development opportunities to staff to enhance their skills and performance.
  • Parent Communication 
    • Serve as the primary point of contact for parents and guardians, addressing inquiries, concerns, and feedback in a responsive and professional manner.
    • Facilitate open communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, and staff to promote a positive and supportive learning environment.
    • Send emails to parents with child and class updates.
    • Manage Village Park Instagram
  • Administrative Duties 
    • Prepare monthly newsletter.
    • Manage Village Park Preschool Instagram.
    • Complete assigned paperwork, including timecards and incident reports.
  • Safety and Compliance 
    • ​​​​​​​Enforce policies and procedures related to child supervision, hygiene, emergency preparedness, and security measures.
    • Conduct regular inspections of facilities, equipment, and materials to ensure they meet safety and quality standards.


  • Knowledge of:
    • ​​​​​​​Early childhood education principles, curriculum development, and best practices.
    • Customer service techniques
    • Staff management
    • Administrative and organizations
    • Communication and interpersonal
  • Experience and Education:
    • Completion of 24 semester units of Early Childhood Education
    • Teaching certification or license for early childhood education (preferred)
    • Possession of an appropriate California driver's license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Class Times:

School Year (August-May)

Monday/Wednesday - 9am-11:15pm (2 year olds)

Tuesday/Thursday - 9:15am-11:30am (2 year olds)

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 9am-12pm (3 year olds)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 8:45am-12:15pm (3 year olds)

Tuesday/Thursday - 12:30pm-3:30pm (3 year olds)


Summer Camp (June-August)

Monday- Friday - 9am-12pm (3-4 year olds)


Work Schedule:                    

8-20 Hours a week

Maximum of 960 hours per fiscal year                                                 


Note: These positions are part-time and do NOT have a benefits package. 


$27.69-$34.30 per hour depending on qualifications and experience.

To Apply:

Please complete an online job application at www.calopps.org

Filing Deadline:   

Open until filled.


Healthy Workplaces/Healthy Families Act: California Paid Sick Leave Benefit, as amended effective 1/1/2024. This benefit accrues at the rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked and is available after 90 days of employment. The maximum use of paid sick leave is 40 hours in a one-year period.  There is no cash value associated with benefit.

Vacation Pay. This benefit is for part-time casual employees who work 30 or more days within a year from the beginning of employment with the City of Burlingame, and accrues at the rate of one hour for every 52 hours worked to a maximum benefit of 16 hours per year.  No employee shall be allowed to have an accumulation of more than two years’ worth of vacation accrual to their credit at any one time.

No other benefits are offered. This position is at will and is not part of the City's Civil Service System. There is no guarantee of hours and employment may end at any time.




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