CalOpps New Features for Agency Members – November 2020


We value your feedback on improving the site! Here are just some of the major upgrades that have been implemented from your suggestions and requests:

Creating and Editing Recruitments Updates:

  • Advertise Only and Conviction Checkboxes: We have moved these two questions on the first section of setting up a recruitment under Basic Information.
  • Job Announcement Additional Fields: There are now additional optional URL and PDF fields.
  • Editing Supplemental Questionnaire: You are now able to edit supplemental questionnaires for open active recruitments. You will still be able to access applicants’ answers to the previous questionnaire before the revision. 

Reviewing Applications Updates:

  • Email Notifications for Recruitments: You are able to set an email notification for applications received for specific recruitments. In each recruitment, there is the option to receive no notification (default), Immediate notification, Monthly, Weekly, Daily.
  • Limiting Department User Ratings: You are now able to limit a department user’s view of other department ratings. Under Users, click on the department user’s authorizations and uncheck “View department rating.”
  • Minimum Requirement Ratings: Department users are now able to answer the minimum requirement question for each application. 
  • Application Sorting: You are now able to sort Recruitments and Applications without the order reverting to the default sort order. 

Process Updates:

  • Customizing Process Emails: There is now an edit tool bar to customize emails sent to applicants. This new feature may affect the formatting of previously saved templates. If selecting a previous template, please review to make sure it has been formatted correctly.
  • Read Receipts: Once an email has been sent out to an applicant, a new status will appear as “Status: Sent” and “Status: Opened” if the email had opened. 
  • Sign-In Sheets: When clicking on “Download Sign In Sheet,” the name will appear alphabetical by last name. 

We look forward to hearing back from you and please contact us if you have any further feedback!