Town of Ross

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Town of Ross welcomes you to enjoy the small town character of our community.

Our residents love the beautiful Ross greenery ― tree-covered hills, winding creeks and graciously landscaped streets and gardens. The existing scale and quality of architecture, along with a low density of development, create a community where the man-made and natural environment co-exist in harmony.

The Town of Ross is a general law city which was incorporated in 1908.  The Town provides for all municipal services other than utilities and fire protection services.  Fire protection services are provided by the Ross Valley Fire Department which is a joint powers authority.  Water is provided by the Marin Municipal Water District and wastewater collection is provided by the Ross Valley Sanitary District.

Ross has a Council/Manager form of government.  The five members of the Town Council are elected to staggered four year terms.  Our Town Council strives to preserve and enhance the community’s historical low-density character and identity that is unique to the Town of Ross.  The Town Council appoints a Town Manager to manage and direct the day-to-day operations of the Town. To view the Town's organization and department's click here.

We are located in the County of Marin, California approximately 18 miles north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. Ross is 1.6 square miles and has 2,543 residents. Our town center includes the wonderful Ross Common, the nationally renowned Ross School and the charming, albeit small, Ross commercial area. Stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal on your next visit north of the Golden Gate!