Yuba County

Job Classifications

Job Openings

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Until Filled Eligibility Technician (20322095)
**Spanish-Bilingual Strongly Encouraged to Apply
Social Services
Until Filled Auditor-Appraiser I/II/III (20322080)
Assessor's Office
12/21/2022 Social Worker II (20322028)
Social Services
Until Filled Senior Construction Inspector (20321985)
Public Works
Until Filled Legal Services Specialist (20321807)
Until Filled Program Aide (20321784)
Health & Human Services Department
Public Health
12/12/2022 Information Technology Support Technician I/II (20321663)
Information Technology
Until Filled Deputy Sheriff & Deputy Sheriff Lateral (20321610)
Law Enforcement
Until Filled Juvenile Corrections Officer I/II (20321603)
(Full-Time & Extra-Help)
Until Filled Office Specialist (20321194)
Full-Time & Extra-Help
Clerical/Administrative Support
12/14/2022 Animal Care Services Officer (20320523)
Full-Time & Extra-Help
Animal Control
12/11/2022 Project Manager (20320435)
Until Filled District Attorney Investigator (20320254)
Law Enforcement
Until Filled Public Safety Dispatcher-Public Safety Dispatcher Lateral (20319045)
Law Enforcement
Until Filled Public Works Maintenance Worker I/II (20317606)
Public Works Maintenance
11/30/2022 Registrar of Voters Manager (20317429)
Program Management
12/05/2022 Legal Services Supervisor (20317111)
Until Filled Accounting Specialist (20316452)
Until Filled Correctional Officer & Correctional Officer Lateral (20315752)
Safety and Security
Until Filled Accounting Technician (20302004)
Until Filled Supervising Public Health Nurse (20292627)
Public Health
Until Filled Senior Public Health Nurse (20292588)
Full-Time, Part-Time and Extra-Help Opportunities Available
Until Filled Principal Engineer (20292006)
Until Filled Public Health Nurse Intern / Public Health Nurse (20291884)
Full-Time, Part-Time (w/ benefits) and Extra-Help Opportunities Available
Until Filled Physical Therapist (20291879)
Medical Services
Until Filled Social Worker III-III Master's Level (20291877)
Child and Adult Protective Services
Social Services
Until Filled Senior Accounting Technician (20287449)
Until Filled Assistant/ Associate Engineer (20286780)
Until Filled Assessment Supervisor (20258989)
County Administration
Until Filled Associate Civil & Senior Civil Engineer (20253679)

Yuba County is situated in the Northern Sacramento Valley, approximately 40 miles north of the State Capitol in Sacramento and two hours away from San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. The boundaries stretch from the farms and orchards of the valley to the timberlands of the Sierras. With an estimated population of 70,000, Yuba County offers its residents the many advantages of a rural lifestyle away from the pressures of the urban areas. The County’s rivers, lakes and outdoor recreation areas provide excellent hunting, fishing, boating and skiing opportunities. Our County vision is to create a “golden” future for Yuba County by: Inspiring a community of participation, embracing our unique history, and discovering the wealth of our untapped potential.

The County of Yuba has 900 allocated positions and a total FY 19/20 budget of $203 million. It has a proud tradition of being a stable local government bolstered by five members of the Board of Supervisors who are elected for four year terms on an alternating basis. Each Supervisor represents an election district. Members of the Board of Supervisors serve as the legislative and executive body for Yuba County and provide policy direction for all branches of County government.

The County Administrator serves as chief administrative officer of the County organization and is responsible to manage the organization and carry out the policies set by the Board of Supervisors.

Statement of Commitment

We are dedicated to providing responsive, innovative and sustainable services that enhance the quality of life and uphold the public trust and interest. Our Guiding Principles: Innovation Trustworthiness Professionalism Financial Responsibility Strategic Priorities: Organizational Excellence Public Safety & Health Economic Development Responsible Growth Visit our website at www.co.yuba.ca.us

Yuba County is a Merit Based Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging Workforce Diversity

and is an E-Verify Employer.