Important Information for CalOpps Users!


Welcome back to the new CalOpps site! There are four things you need to know as you begin to use the new site.

  1. Request a new password
  2. Add a PDF resume when you apply for your next job
  3. Update your work experience in the expanded “work experience”
  4. Six months of inactivity in CalOpps will force your profile to be deleted – log in now and return often


Security is important to you and to CalOpps. If you are a current job seeker with a CalOpps profile, all of your information is here on the new site but you need a new password to access the site. As passwords are encrypted, your prior password could not be transferred to the new site. To request a new password, click on “Login” from the CalOpps homepage, and then enter your email address under the “Request new password” tab.

Resume “Cut and Paste”

If you used the “cut and paste” resume feature on the old site, your resume information is on the new site but the cut and paste resume will not be attached to a new job application. If you want a resume to be part of your application, upload a PDF version of your resume. The new PDF option provides you an opportunity to customize your resume for each job and ensures that your resume appears as you have designed it. For your convenience, CalOpps has migrated the information that was in the “cut and paste resume” section and you can copy the information to build a PDF resume.

Work Experience

You can now add more work experience to your profile! Go to the “work experience” section and click “add another item”. This is very important if you used the “cut and paste” resume section to detail more work experience! If your additional work experience appears in the “cut and paste” resume, you must move that information to work experience section if you want it to appear in a future job application.

Profile Maintenance

As a final reminder, profiles are automatically deleted after 6 months of inactivity. Please be sure to log on to your profile every few months to ensure that your profile is not deleted.