CalOpps New Features for Applicants – November 2020


We value your feedback on improving the site! Here are just some of the major upgrades that have been implemented from your suggestions and requests:

  • Reactivating Your Account: If you try logging into your account and receive the following message “Your user account has been blocked. You can reactive it by sending a verification email to your email address,” please click on “reactivate” in the statement and it will prompt an email with instructions to reactivate your account. 
  • Application Saving to Your Profiles: You will notice at the bottom of certain sections of your application there is a new check box to “Update my Personal Profile with information on this page.” If you check this box and click “Save and Continue,” the information will transfer and update your Personal Profile which will auto-populate future applications.
  • Saved Resume/Attachments: You are now able to upload your resume and any attachments to your profile. Once you have saved the file in your profile, for any applications that require an attachment, you will be able to select the attachment in a dropdown. Accepted formats now include .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .heic, and .tiff.
  • Saving Supplemental Questionnaire Answers: If you are not able to complete your supplemental questionnaire, you are now able to save your answers by clicking “Save and Continue” and come back to it later.
  • Added Security Question: You will now have the option of adding a security question and answer to your account. Please note that this is an optional feature. To add a security question, log into your account, and select the Edit tab and scroll down to the security question section. Please note that the answer is case sensitive.  

We look forward to hearing back from you and please contact us if you have any further feedback!