Heritage Resource Commission - Architect (19947347)

One architect, regular member, term ending Dec. 31, 2027
East Bay
Until filled


500 La Gonda Way Danville, 94526



The HRC consists of seven (7) regular members and, at the discretion of the Town Council, up to two (2) alternates. Any alternate member of the HRC shall attend all meetings of the Commission. If a regular member of the HRC is absent or required to abstain from all or any part of an HRC meeting, an alternate member shall participate in place of the absent member, with all rights and privileges of a regular member, including the authority to vote on matters before the HRC.


When making appointments, the Council shall select persons specially qualified by reason of training, experience or interest in the historic and cultural traditions of the Town. Membership shall include: (a) one (1) member of the Planning Commission; (b) one (1) person who is knowledgeable in the field of construction or structural rehabilitation, such as an engineer, contractor or urban planner; (c) one (1) licensed architect; (d) one (1) property owner; (e) one (1) person who has demonstrated interest, competence or knowledge in the culture/arts of the community; and (f) at least two (2) people who have demonstrated interest, competence or knowledge in the field of history, archaeology or geography.

Term of Office

The term of office of each member of the Commission is four (4) years unless otherwise determined by the Council. Each member shall serve until their successor is appointed and qualified.

Removal or Vacancy

A member of the Commission may be removed by a majority vote of the Council. A vacancy is filled in the same manner as the original appointment. A person appointed to fill a vacancy serves for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Time and Place of Regular Meeting

The Commission shall hold at least one (1) regular, monthly meeting. The Commission shall fix the time and place of its regular meetings by resolution, by-law or other official action of the Commission. Special meetings may be called as necessary. All meetings of the Commission are open to the public and the Commission shall give notice of its meetings as required by law.

Absence from Meeting

If a member of the Commission is absent without cause from three (3) successive regular meetings of the Commission, the office becomes vacant automatically. The Commission shall immediately notify the Town Council of the vacancy.

Member is not absent without cause if his absence is (1) due to illness or (2) unavoidable and the member gives the Secretary of the Commission notice before the day of the meeting that he will be absent and giving the reason for the absence.

No Compensation; Reimbursement of Expenses

Members of the Heritage Resource Commission do not receive compensation for attendance at Commission meetings, but are entitled to reimbursement for expenses incurred in the course of their duties upon approval of the Town Council.


The Commission shall elect a Chair from among its members. The Chair serveS for a term of one (1) year and until the successor of each is appointed and qualified.

Duties of Officers of the Commission

a.   Chair.  The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Commission. The Chair shall appoint all committees and shall perform the duties necessary or incidental to the office.

b.   Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep minutes of each meeting and shall record each hearing and official action.

Adoption of Rules

The Commission shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business and shall keep a public record of its resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations.


A majority of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Powers and Duties

The powers and duties of the Heritage Resource Commission are to:

a.   Establish criteria and conduct an ongoing comprehensive survey of properties within the boundaries of the Town in order to identify historically and architecturally significant improvements and sites that exemplify the cultural, social, educational, economic, political or architectural history of the nation, State or Town;

b.   Establish and maintain an inventory of improvements, sites and areas deemed deserving of official recognition and to investigate and recommend to the Town Council the designation of those improvements, sites or areas having special historic, community or architectural value;

c.   Draft and implement a Heritage Resource Ordinance to protect and preserve those resources to be designated by the Commission;

d.   Keep a register of officially designated heritage resources in the Town, including all information required for each designation;

e.   Recommend to the Town Council a list of incentives and promote its use in encouraging property owners to participate in the heritage resource preservation program;

f.   Advise and assist property owners on the physical and financial aspects of preservation, renovation, rehabilitation, landscaping or maintenance of any heritage resource;

g.   Develop and adopt standards and specific design guidelines for the alteration, construction, rehabilitation or removal of designated improvements;

h.   Review and decide upon applications referred by the Planning Department for construction, alteration, removal or demolition affecting improvements, as well as applications for grading, tree removal, or other work to be performed upon sites of historical significance;

i.   Inform and educate the citizens of Danville as to the heritage of the Town and to encourage their participation in achieving historical and architectural preservation;

j.   Investigate and report to the Town Council on the use of various Federal, State, local or private funding sources and mechanisms available to promote historic resource preservation in the Town;

k.   Cooperate with local, County, State and Federal governments in the pursuit of the objectives of historic preservation; and

l.   Perform such other duties and functions as prescribed by the Town Council.

Residency Requirement

All members of the Commission shall be residents of the Town of Danville.

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